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Spank-chronicity II

Another suburban prison morning. The punishment yard belches whip lash and screaming into the sky… With lash 61 of the strapping, Stacey’s state of crying began to return. Her reddened, swollen … Continue reading

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Spank-chronicity – part 1

Stacey, almost unconsciously, rubbed her bottom as she thought about her sentence of 128 strokes of the strap. This was going to hurt like hell. For a moment the thought … Continue reading

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“Delayed Response” by Quai Franklin

Originally posted on Quai Franklin Radio:
- written for “The Erotic Word with Grail”: Second Life @ ((The Nameless Cafe)) [audio

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The Headmaster – Chapter 2

Sandra Matthews’ over the knee spanking began at 8:00pm, coinciding with the start of her parents’ favorite sitcom – “How I Married Your Mother”. She started out laying across her … Continue reading

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The Headmaster – Chapter 1

Brigitte Durning almost clipped her FBI badge onto her belt as she would normally have done on any other work day. However, this day she was to start as new … Continue reading

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