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>Woah! July 8 was my last published post. Well, I don’t really have an excuse, but I do have a couple of reasons and I’ll try not to let them interfere in the future.

Reason one is that I just changed jobs recently and that’s always an adjustment. There’s a change in the type of stress you go through along with a scheduling change that’s inevitable. Additionally, because I had to turn in my router when ending my last job, I don’t have as much Internet time as I’m used to.

So that brings me back to changes… and spirituality and spanking. What’s going on, on those fronts?

Spirituality. I’m discovering that my calling is to do spiritual guidance or spiritual leadership. That’s what drew me into life coaching. That’s what my involvement in music and writing have always been about – presenting a story in a visual or auditory format that enlightens, inspires and teaches. Life coaching is a way to reach people one on one. I feel in my soul that there’s more I’m meant to do as well.

I should be a leader in a place of worship. That’s the vision I see before me. Having had a wonderful experience leading a discussion at a local BDSM spirituality group, there has been churning in my heart. I keep thinking that these people, our people, are true, pure seekers. Yet we don’t really have a “place” in the world to go. Some of us, I’m sure, go to Church, Temple, Synagogue, etc. but are any of us able to be our full selves in those places without judgment? Doubtful.

Where do you go when you don’t really fit in? We need a place to go to practice whatever it is we’re going to practice spiritually without judgment and in a supportive environment. The establishment of a spiritual center is one of the first major steps in the “legitimization” of a community of people. WE need to have our own businesses, our own schools, and our own places of worship. I’m not advocating separation from whatever is considered mainstream or vanilla, but we do need to recognize that we have a right to be who we are and to fellowship together.

Change is coming. I think it’s unavoidable. Just as it was (and is) with our homosexual brothers and sisters, acceptance increases over time. It’s just a question of whether we want to be the drivers of that acceptance (and I mean self-acceptance as well as societal) or we want to just ride its coat tails.

I feel called to be a driver. It’s scary, yes, but exciting. And I would be less than the loving human being that I truly want to be if I didn’t follow my calling.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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