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>On the ‘Cathouse’

>Last night my wife and I watched the HBO latenight series called “Cathouse”, a documentary series about a brothel in Nevada, I believe. I like the show a lot for maybe obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. Of course it’s a lot of fun to see really cute women in various states of undress and expressing their sexuality. It’s also refreshing to see people make a living doing what they love. I don’t know that all of them love what they do, but I think some do. And as I say, “Everyone’s a genius at something.” If we’d all learn what our genius is (and hopefully that’s also what we love) and do that and attempt to make a living from it, can you imagine the happiness that would permeate society to replace all the bitter resentfulness?

I also like the show’s characters. It’s “reality-based”, but it seems like the director(s) try their best not to have a point of view that they’re pushing. It’s not a statement of “Look what’s happened to these poor girls” and it’s not “See how much fun they’re all having. Everyone should do this.” I think they’re making an honest effort to show the women as they are in a balanced way so that one can see that most of us have more in common with them than we may have realized. And… political soapbox… how this profession should be legal everywhere.

Last night’s episode featured some spanking. I had seen the previews during the past week of the upcoming episode this week and it had shown several scenes of a couple of the women on hands and knees or draped across the bed and getting swatted or lightly paddled. Of course I knew that they would show the most titillating scenes to get us interested and given my years of experience trying to catch spanking scenes in non-spanking-exclusive media, I did not get my hopes up too high. It turns out this was definitely the right approach because there were not any what I would call real spankings. Most of them involved them getting lessons from what appears to be a consultant in the house that gives the women seminars on sexuality (what a job!). She was exploring the concepts of dominance and submission and I suppose started out with what she considered light – spanking. I won’t get into my feelings about spanking being automatically assumed to be light play, but it did seem that many of the women had an honestly spanko vibe. I would love to have seen that segment expanded; it was only about 10 minutes of the show. But maybe they’re just leaving us wanting more.

Oh the dream… my passion other than to be a spiritual leader…

I am a professional spanking therapist. I get called to the Cathouse to assist the sexuality consultant to introduce the women to the world of spanking. I take the time to show them the proper techniques. “No, you’re hitting a little high on the buttocks. Let me show you…” “You won’t get a solid square spank holding the paddle that way. Try this…”

In demonstrating the techniques, the women feel either the catharsis or the arousal or the meditative place a spanking can bring you too and decide they don’t want to be without it. So the manager hires me to come back once a month to set up appointments to re-spank the women.

I could just go ahead and book another flight on over to L.A. to see my other start clients like Shawnee Smith, Lucy Liu, and Beyonce. So many clients, so little time! It’s hard work, but somebody has to make that sacrifice!

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Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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