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>What I Believe – Part 1

>Greetings Spankophile-Spiritualists,

I recently posted on a group, and I’d like to share with you, that I have received the calling to be a spiritual guide. I was considering it a call to spiritual leadership, and while I’m certainly not negating the possibility, I have been counseled that my role in the local community seems to be that of being the catalyst for emotional and spiritual growth and enlightenment. I am eternally grateful to hear these affirmations. Perhaps it is the Dominant or the Disciplinarian in me that wants to lead.

However, the people that I most want to serve spiritually and emotionally are extremely independent, eclectic, and think for themselves for the most part. I find this refreshingly wonderful in comparison to what I perceive to be the vast majority of the vanilla world. So if I am to be “organized” in some way – in other words, form my business life around my passion, my calling… I have to have something to say. Even fiercely independent people want to hear something definitive, I think, even if it is something they’re going to chew on and then spit back out again in disagreement.

I realize that I’m hesitant to make pronouncements primarily because what I believe is that the Ultimate Truth cannot be expressed in words. That is to say that words parse the world. They take the wholeness that is the perfection of the Universe, and slice that up into digestible parts, so that we can take it in a little at a time. So remains the question of what tenets I can put into words, so that people can take something meaningful from it – especially BDSMers.

I have to at least try to put something in words, so that those who are striving for enlightenment, whatever their path – Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist, etc. – can have something to grasp onto. I have to also assume that if their path lies with an organized establishment and they seek my counsel, that means that they have some open-mindedness along with the grounding of their faith. And if they are more independent or entirely independent, then they’re likely too, to want something solid to grasp onto while on a foray into something new.

A 1st attempt…

1. The Universe is perfect.

2. Given the truth of #1, as part of this Universe, you are absolutely essential to that perfection, otherwise you wouldn’t exist.

3. Understanding that #2 applies to everyone and everything is Love.

4. #3 is the basis of forgiveness and understanding.

5. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do or refrain from doing. It only matters whether the intention is Love or selfishness, since you don’t have infinite knowledge.

6. #5 is always a choice for you. In fact it is the only thing you have control over, by definition. It is the most important decision and the only decision – simplicity.

As a writer and as a spiritual counselor, I don’t really like leaving it at 6 items – not a real aesthetic number. But for a first try it’s not bad. They are tenets that I try to live by. They are broad enough and powerful enough to apply to all areas of life – yes, including spanking.

1. Spanking is perfect, if you let it be, in your mind, body, and heart.

2. You as spanker or spankee are essential to that perfection. You are the dream come true to the other. Know that and spank or get spanked with gusto!

3. Knowing #2, appreciate and love every spanking.

4. Forgiveness and understanding are essential for Top and bottom.

5. Let all your spankings be motivated by love – not necessarilly romantic love, either. There are many kinds of love, many kinds of relationships, many kinds of spankings and reasons for them.

6. The intention to spank or be spanked is all you have as a reliable choice. We can’t always spank or be spanked by those who we want involved in that sweet magical exchange. But if we are on the Top, we always have a spanking waiting for a special bottom meant for us. And spankees, you have a bottom that someone (or many someones) would love to get his/her hands on. Whoever you are, simply know the rare value of your gift, and decide that when you give, it will be in Love (such as romantic love, friendship, erotic partnership, playmates, whatever… – ONENESS).

Happy Spanking and Seeking,
Rev. HeathCliff Spanker

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

2 comments on “>What I Believe – Part 1

  1. sultry

    >hello …. i received an email from You by accident i think….i am a spankee living in florida…meaning i am in the BD/SM lifestyle and live with my Master …. i found Your email quite interesting hence why i am writing to You now … i am one that believes children should be spanked … i think the state has no right to tell U/us otherwise …. when i was growing up i got spankings … now it’s called “child abuse” to me child abuse is when one sets out to actually hurt the child … NOT displine it… well.. thank You for Your time and will be adding Your blog to my favorites list …

  2. HeathCliff Spanker

    >Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry you got an email by accident from me. I’m not sure how that happened. I’m glad to hear you’re living “the life”. We should all be who we are!As for the spanking of children I have mixed feelings. My main opinion is that it’s generally not a good idea in the sense either of discipline or psychological health. But I think that’s mainly because of the way it’s generally practiced – with lack of good physiologically safe practices and emotionally safe practices. There’s also the sociological framework that we all exist in.Having said that, my morality is based simply on intention. One either has loving intention or selfish intention and only you yourself know which.

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