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>I have an on-going effort to be more “productive”. I put those words in quotes because I tend to think that can mean a lot of different things to us. Usually for me it means filling some arbitrary quota of work or product. I get frustrated and stressed out, for example, because I haven’t written to this blog for a while. Besides that, there are plenty of people that I owe correspondence to and there’s that self-improvement book that I should be contributing to…

Truth is that most of the time I’m either not inspired or too tired to actually produce. I really have to take notice of that, particularly when it involves two of my favorite topics – philosophy and spanking. When I’m too tired to write about philosophy and spanking, that says a lot. So I have to examine the fundamental assumptions. One assumption I’ve made is that there has to be a certain level of production. Why have I made that assumption? Where does it come from?

Clearly I’ve been influenced by those blogs that I’ve read that are contributed to every day. Then again there’s the average day that I have in my mind that ends with me sitting in front of the TV, relaxing and using that time to bang out a few words on the laptop. Truth is, there are very few days like that and often when I do have time to just sit in front of the TV, that’s really all I want to do.

I have to believe though, that I’m enough. If I’m to believe in the perfection of the Universe, then I must believe that what I contribute to the changes in mass and energy forms over time and within space are adequate and necessary. I could do no more, nor any less. And those who would be edified by my writing about spankings and philosophy get just what they need from me and from this blog. I can easily imagine me in another life, looking for writing on the Internet about spanking or philosophy and coming across this. I think it would make me very happy, particularly if it were coming from a woman (women writing about spanking or philosophy being extremely rare in my experience).

So there’s really no cause for me to feel inadequate nor ashamed of my laziness. I am who I am.

I have to harken back to a time when I first began playing publicly in my local community. At the time (as there are still, of course) plenty of Doms who had more experience and knowledge and could and did hit harder. Yet it seemed that I was always in demand for giving a spanking. I have yet to fully understand that, but I have an inkling of the reason. My wife and a few others have told me that there’s just something special about the way I spank. I just have the write touch that they’ve been looking for – a blend of sensuality and severity that they’ve found to be rare.

There could only be one me, just as there could only be one you. The Universe, being perfect wastes nothing. No spanking happens without meaning. No spank is wasted. Let’s stand aside and let spanking happen.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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