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>Spanking and Control

>One of the big motivations I have in regards to spanking and my life in general is to find the right balance of control and freedom.

One of my biggest pet peaves about spanking scenes or spanking videos is the astonishing lack of control that many of them exhibit. Often there seems to be almost a panicked lack of patience in regards to getting a woman into position to receive a spanking. It seems that one of the biggest offenders in the lack of control category of the spanking world is that inexplicable proceeding with a spanking when the woman is only half way (or less) to the desired positiion. And sometimes in that position the spanker can only proceed with the spanking using only their non-dominant hand. Not only that, but often the spankee is in an excellent position to defend her own butt with hands and/or legs. I just don’t understand why, if you’re going to make a video about spanking or featuring a spanking scene, you wouldn’t make it an “ideal” scene for those of us who dreamed about seeing such a scene since we were kids.

But I suppose that calls into question two things – the fact that perhaps at least some of the producers of spanking video out there are really just in it for the money and have only a passing sexual interest in spanking AND perhaps that type of scene is their sexual fantasy. Maybe they fantasize about the types of spankings from their childhood that were driven by the anger of a parent or other authority figure. Those frenzied I-hit-what-I-can-hit so-called spankings that many of us experienced in a certain period of time and certain region of the country. I truly hated those spankings. I hated seeing them and, of course, feeling them. I still hate it. If you’re going to do the thing (whatever the thing is) I say do it right and for the right reasons.

But now I think too about too much control. I hate it when the Disciplinarian in a spanking video spend waaaay to much time getting the woman into position. That’s forgivable given that a good, long, hard spanking is coming. But how am I suppose to believe that spanking when that same Disciplinarian also is asking, yes Asking! the woman to put her but higher into the air or arch her back more. If you can’t make that happen man, then forget it! OK, sorry to rant, but I’m allowed here.

Control in spanking is also why I like numbers. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with the number of “licks” or spanks or lashes or strokes or whatever, a girl was going to get. I’ll never forget the first time I talked to a woman about how many licks she got or might have gotten with her father’s belt and how heady that experience was. She told me that she got in big trouble as a teenager once – maybe 16 or so. And her father offered her the alternative of a couple of months of grounding or 100 strokes with a belt. Now that’s just sublime.

The ongoing struggle is between control and chaos, destiny and free will, controlling and letting go. Whichever way you decide in a given moment, just know that you can’t alter the perfection of the Universe and you still have spanking. It’s in your heart and in your body, and therefore your soul. Try to appreciate the spanking that is before you now.

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Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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