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>Sometime it’s just too easy to imagine

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BLOG-SS-Sometime it’s just too easy to imagine

– a spanking temple.

Whenever I’ve attended a worship or meditation service there’s always a central stage or alter where the attention is focused. There’s also the expectation of humbling of the self to a higher power and some type of atonement. When I’m in that type of situation, it’s easy to imagine a house of worship for those like us – those to whom spanking represents the ultimate in love and giving of one’s self.

I imagine the submissives going forward, one after another and bending willingly over the spanking bench that would be placed at the front of the worship/meditation space. The Dominants or Disciplinarians would submit themselves to the will of God by freely administering the official caning to those bottoms. Like acolytes or ushers it would be a voluntary responsibility. Due to the fact that one may not be attracted to the person being spanked or doing the spanking would make the choice of love as motivator that much more important. It would also emphasize the role of moving the ego to the side to allow God/Universal energy to work through us.

There would have to be an official implement and perhaps an alternative implement for those of weaker body. Perhaps a cane and an alternative ping pong paddle or something. That would have to be worked out. There would also have to be a customary number of strokes. Given that there would likely be at least one level of clothing, I’d vote for 20 strokes with a thick, hard cane. You’d want it to be enough to know the submissive felt it and have the punishment last long enough so as not to be too easily shrugged off.

It would be a transformative and cleansing experience for all involved, and as I said, it’s just too easy to imagine. Now then… where are all of “us”? Let’s get going…

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Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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