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>Sarah Chalke

>I have no idea why I get these spanking crushes.

Before I met the love of my life, my SoulMate, I used to just get crushes for no reason. Now that my true is here and things are going great, I suppose it’s just down to the raw passions. Of course my biggest personal passion is for spanking and corporal punishment. And with me spanking is not so much related to a particular person, but more to the act itself and the wonderful trappings and emotions and the chemistry.
Enter the latest spanking crush

So the only thing I can put this down to is how I imagine the chemistry would be with her and her reactions if I spanked her, particularly if I spanked her as her character, Elliot Reid, on Scrubs. Of course my wife would say the only thing I can really imagine is her character and that there’s no way I can come even close to guessing what she’s really like. OK, that’s granted.

But you’ve got to admit, that’s one great character. I’ve always been drawn to funny, clumsy girls and I’ve also always been drawn to intense personalities that are a little crazy. Elliot has all these things going for her, plus she’s so wired so much of the time that she practically begs for a therapeutic spanking to calm her down. Even the fact that she doesn’t have the ideal spankee body for me – narrow hips, thin legs – is kind of endearing. It’s almost like I feel like I should give the skinny kid a chance. Of course she does have very lovely breasts and it’s quite pleasant to imagine their bounce as her head jerks back from a reaction to a particularly powerful whack on the bottom.

I tend to think her reaction to being over my lap for a spanking would be anger at first in her frenetic, almost insane way, with her saying “Oh frick! Frick frick frick!” and maybe pounding her fists on the empty seat of the sofa we’re both occupying. After a while (maybe 50 hard spanks or so) she’d probably start having adorable tears run down those cute, flushed cheeks. Her pounding would slow down too; with anger spent, they’d be more related to taking the intense pain. Of course with that pale skin, the redness would show so well.

After pulling her scrub pants back up again, I imagine she’d want to be held and comforted. I’ve thought about it and … nah, no sex. It wouldn’t be right for us. In fact I have yet to have a real spanking crush (other than my wife) that I’ve felt it would be right to have sex with her. That’s why I’m confident that one day I could safely make a living doing this.

What? Stop pretending you’re choking! It could happen 🙂

Anyway, you can trust me to stay pure to the therapy.

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Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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