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>Spanking Is Just Wonderful

>Sometimes it’s alright to state the obvious. Sometimes it just feels good to say or hear the obvious when it’s something you’re passionate about. We say “I love you!” to our partners on a daily basis, right? ūüėČ

Well, I should say more often “I love spanking women!” That’s just the best thing one can do. It’s good for you. It’s good for the woman. I know it hurts her, but it’s a good kind of hurt, right? Of course it is.

It can be innocent fun. The woman doesn’t have to be naked. It’s just good to have her draped over my lap, bottom sticking up and putting down those stinging spanks. We heat up those bottoms because they need heating. We make them weak from endorphines or cry because they need to feel that weakness and/or cry. It’s deeply satisfying to warm up a woman’s bottom that way.

And, oh my God, the variety! Spankings can be long or short; serious or playful; sexual or fun or disciplinary; implements or hand. Mmmmm…

You! Random woman… what do you think? Have you thought about it? What if there were no rules and you could just come up to me when when you see me and ask “Hey, Mister. I could use a good spanking. Would you mind taking me over your lap and give me a good, hard spanking? Don’t bother if you don’t intend to make me hurt…” Well, OK! If you keep your shorts on, where’s the risk. That thin cotton is no barrier to the that deep, delicious sting you crave.

Utopia. Spanktopia!

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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