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>"Charmed" Women Mention Flogging

>I meant to post this last week, when I actually saw the episode. But I still think it’s fun to talk about as well as think about. And I know many of my fellow spankophiles don’t really like flogging, but I must as always, be true to myself.

I watch the re-runs of “Charmed” on TNT in the mornings at 8 while I’m doing my stretching and working out before I go to work. I won’t bore you with talking endlessly about how cute and sexy those women are. If you’ve seen the show and have similar tastes to me, you already know. If you haven’t seen it, check it out and let me know what you think. There’s always a very endearing undercurrent of sexual energy and typically that undercurrent is BDSM-like.

I recall with great pleasure the episode where Rose McGowan’s character – Page, is it? – sold her soul to Faust in order to save an innocent. She spent one seen in a short, ragged, plain dress with her wrists cuffed together in front of her as she waited to be auctioned off. Yum!

I thought that was about as good as it was going to get until the one episode I saw last week where because of Lady Godiva having been plucked out of history, the women’s rights movement never happened. I thought what I usually think about the story, which is something like “OK, this is just a cute story. Don’t get too caught up on how bad the writing is or the acting. Just enjoy the eye candy.” Then something made my ears prick up. The three of them were walking down the street in the changed future where all the colors were drab and all the women were silent and subservient. Piper made a comment that was something like, “We’d better not attract too much attention. We don’t want to get flogged.” What? What?! It was a good thing I wasn’t taking a sip of hot coffee at the time.

I looked very intensely at the show then and turned the sound up. The three of them looked up at a sign that said something like, “Women talking unnecessarily will be flogged!” So I tried valiantly to reign in my imagination, understanding that this was American network TV. But part of me couldn’t help but hope that they would at least get caught and put into position, maybe chained to a whipping post or something. Of course magic would save them. It always does. But would it be so bad to gain a little audience sympathy by taking a few lashes? I ask you…

They did end up getting caught and put into jail where they were threatened by the guard with several floggings. Tease! Tease! TEASE! Add to that the fact that Phoebe asked, “What is flogging?” and Piper said, “Let’s not wait around here to find out!” You mean none of the three of them knew?!?! I really really wanted to show them!

So after my experience of this non-consensual teasing, I just had to take it with a sense of humor and gratitude. Typically this is the type of thing that would have happened to me in my younger days, and in the presence of family and/or friends that didn’t know about my proclivities. A scene like that would come on and suddenly I’d be frozen in place and non-responsive. It was horrible. In order to respond I’d have to miss this rare event. Yet not to respond meant I was interested very intently in what was going on on screen. And the natural question would be what’s so interesting? This is the down side of having so many smart people in your life. I just KNEW I was transparent, that everyone could see I was focused on the fact that the characters were talking about corporal punishment of some kind or someone was taking a spanking or whipping.

I had lived in fear for so long that my “sickness”, my “weirdness” would be found out, exposed. I also lived in a constant dread that I would never find anyone I could honestly share this aspect of my life with and be understood. I’ve been blessed to have found communities that contain people that can and do understand and whom I can share things like this with. I even found my Soul Mate among them, and she actually agreed to be in a domestic discipline relationship with me. Life is wonderful! Mostly…

I still, despite the fact that I’m sooo well aware of how grateful I should feel (and I do), crave friendships with others who share my fetish. As wide and broad as the community in our area is, it still seems to be such a rarity to meet other spanking/corporal punishment fetishists. Why? I still don’t understand it. And I’m afraid I’m still feeling lonely in this area.

As far as my theories on why, I can think of a couple of possibilities. One, is that most of the spankophiles are either already a part of a couple or are busy trying to couple themselves with someone and don’t really have time for or feel the need for just friendship. Two, is that I may just not be in the right communities. It seems from what I’ve read or heard at times from us spankos is that many of us don’t relate to or want to be any part of a BDSM community. They can sometimes even be squicked by BDSM and honestly don’t feel that spanking is BDSM. That can be debated of course, but it really doesn’t matter. What really matters is how they feel.

I would never reject or disavow my relationship to the BDSM community or my interest in BDSM in general. I wonder if that means I’m giving up a great number of potential spanking friends. That would be a shame.

Still, I have a feeling… My intuition is telling me they’re out there and we will discover each other soon. I must carry forward the lesson I learned when I met my Soul Mate. I only met her after I just began to live the way I live and appreciate being on my own. I think that’s my clue for this issue. I should just continue imagining, viewing, doing and writing about spanking and corporal punishment. The friends will come when it’s time.

When the time is right, they will be there.

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Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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