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Birthday Wishes

I’m going to finish the first day of my birthday celebration with a flight of fancy.

I’m watching this show, which I think is called “Globe Trekkers” or something. I’ve seen a couple of episodes of it now and there seem to be at least a couple of hostesses (at least) – one American and one English(?). They’re both annoying in a cute, comely way. They seem to be of a type – skinny, cute, girl-next-door types. Cute enough for dad, but safe enough for mom.

It’s easy to imagine one of them – I’ll pick the English one, since she’s on now – going to our imaginative country of Spanktopia. Geez, I wish she would say her name. Let’s call her Claire…

Claire: It’s early morning and we’ve just arrived in the capital of Spanktopia, Oteekaya. I’m told that they’re holding a welcome ceremony for me, that involves taking an actual spanking.

The camera shows her walking off the airplane and meeting the Spanktopia delegation. The President comes forward to shake her hand.

Claire (voice over): President Quai Disciplines actually agreed to meet me in person. Boy do I feel special.

Quai: Welcome, Claire, to you and your crew! Welcome to Spanktopia where we really hope you’ll behave yourselves. If not, we have remedies… [He grins knowingly] Claire, I have something special planned just for you.

We then see a montage of her checking into her hotel room and getting a luxury prepping, which includes delicious, but light-weight food, a massage, hot tub etc.

Claire: [to her camera as she sips champagne in the hot tub] This is wonderful treatment. I’m sure it’ll be worth taking a few whacks to my bum. After all, when in Rome…

We see Claire dressed again and on her way to the Presidential manor house. Cut to her arrival into the outer reception office, as she approaches the Presidential secretary – a Julia Louis-Dreyfus look-similar.

Secretary: President Disciplines will be right with you. He’s personally oiling his razor strop. You must be very special. He was also personally picking out switches this morning.

Claire blinks, wide-eyed and tries to continue smiling pleasantly,

Claire: Strop?… Switches?

Secretary: Yes, of course. You are getting his full treatment. Lucky you!

Claire: What? I thought I’d maybe have to take a fake paddling or something…

Secretary: Hardly! We have great respect for you and would never phone it in.

Claire: Right…

Cut to Claire whispering feverishly to the camera…

Claire: [Nervously] Apparently they’re actually going to spank me, whip me… I haven’t done anything to deserve punishment, but here apparently, being spanked by the President is a true honor… [Swallowing hard] I mean I’m no wimp. I am English… I think I can stand it…

A quick knock on the door and Secretary hands in a garment.

Secretary: Put this on. It’s especially made so that when your skirt is pulled up, it preserves your modesty. [She starts to walk back out, but then turns back] You are not to wear any other clothes.

Claire holds the garment up to herself. It would make a short, colorful, summer dress, but there was a built in panty attached. She shrugs and ducks into a women’s room door.

Cut to the spanking ceremony room. Claire is lead to the center of the room to what looks like a massage table. She is helped to lie face down over it. Her wrists are secured by cuffs above (in front of) her head. Her ankles are cuffed to the other end of the table. And a strap across her waist limits her ability to squirm to much.

Claire: Can’t we talk about this? I’m afraid I won’t be able to take it…

Quai: You can take it. But you won’t want to, which is why you’ll cry. And the crying is beautiful and liberating.

Quai pulls a lever on a wall panel and the table bends in the middle, elevating her bottom. Claire finds herself in a position that looks like she’s bent over someone’s knee. She moans in a pleading way, perhaps wishing she had stayed on the academic track.

Quai pulls her skirt up and let’s it fall forwards onto the small of her back. The soft material of the panty clings to her skin, in no way concealing the shape of her firm, but ample buttocks.

Quai: This bottom was made for the strap. 50 with the strap and 100 with the switches.

Quai turns to an open trunk and selects one of his recently oiled razor strops. The one he chooses is heavy and fairly long – about 18″. He grasps it by the handle and approaches the bent over, strapped in Claire. She is breathing heavier now as Quai raises the strop over her vulnerable bottom. He lets it fall squarely on her rump, just under its own gravity. Her head pops up as she yelps. She is wide-eyed.

Claire: Ow! Wow, what are you using?

Quai: It’s one of our best strops – heavy enough that it requires almost no effort to spank a woman.

Claire: No sh… No kidding!

Quai continues the strapping, waiting a couple of seconds between lashes, keeping a steady rhythm. Claire’s cheeks redden and her eyes squint as she struggles to take the lashes. After lash 35, a tear rolls down her cheek. She pouts like a punished girl. For the next 15 lashes, she moans plaintively.

Quai puts the strop away and walks over to a plastic tub with water and long flexible switches.

Quai: We use the water to increase the sting. A proper switching should be bare-bottom of course, but we must spare your modesty.

Quai picks 2 switches and holding them together begins rhythmically whipping Claire at a faster pace than with the strop. The swish swish sound of the switches falling on her already sore bottom, is underscored by more intense moaning from Claire.

Claire: No no noooo!!! Please let me go! I promise I’ll be good!

Quai smiles, wondering why they always say things like that in these situations. This wasn’t a punishment…

When he reaches 50 lashes with the 2 switches, he tosses them back in the water. Claire is rapidly blinking her tear-wet eyes. Her lips are parted in disbelief and pain.

Quai unties her and helps her up. Claire is woozy and he holds her to him, hugging her and whispering to her comfortingly.

Claire [voice over]: Overall, it hurt like crazy. I’ve never gone through anything like that before. But I never felt in danger. I actually felt… I know it sounds strange… I felt loved in a way I’ve never felt before. I feel purified and liberated.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

2 comments on “Birthday Wishes

  1. lunargirl

    Now there’s a show I would watch.

    And apply to host…

    Haha…loved it.


    • Quai Disciplines

      I know, right?! 🙂 Why isn’t there television for people like us?

      Glad you loved it 🙂


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