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Rear Window

Chelsea sat on the edge of her bed, staring contemplatively at her desk in front of the window. When she was seated at the desk she had a scenic view of her family’s spacious back yard and woods beyond. She had worked on many research papers there as well as social networking.

But now all Chelsea could think about was her coming punishment and the desk’s involvement in it. Her father had this brilliant notion to augment the spanking she was to receive, by having her bend over the desk with the window open. Outside the window would stand the other two girls involved in the unauthorized car borrowing and underage drinking, along with their parents. That way, they would be able to see Chelsea being punished without the mutual embarrassment of viewing her bottom directly.

Of course it would be embarrassing enough to be spanked as a high school senior, but to also have it be known about and witnessed… She just kept reminding her self that graduation was coming soon and to just hang in there. At least this time, she wouldn’t have to pull her pants down or pull up her skirt. Neither of her parents had made her prepare that way for a spanking since she reached puberty. She would just be required to wear pajama bottoms which offered little protection from the heavy leather belt.

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway made Chelsea startle. They were arriving for the event. As the doorbell rang, her mother came into her room.

“Chelsea, they’re here. Your father will be spanking you first and then I’ll give you the second half,” her mom said.

Chelsea gulped and asked her mother, “How many?”

“You know the rules. It’s double the last time,” came the answer.

“But that’s…”

“A hundred twenty-eight. Yes. Sixty-four from him and then sixty-four from me,” her mom continued. “I see them out back now. Come over here and bend over the desk. Are we going to need to tie you down?” She eyed her daughter suspiciously.

Chelsea stood up, sighed and shrugged. She walked over to the desk and bent over it, grabbing the opposite side with both hands. As she bent forward she met the eyes of her  friends Jackie and Leslie. Jackie’s mother was there too. Leslie had her mother and father with her. They all felt awkward, not sure whether to greet one another.

Chelsea’s mom broke the tension by leaning towards the window and saying, “Thank you for taking time out to come and see Chelsea take her punishment. Her father and I felt it was important that you know that we’ve actually punished her. This won’t take long.”

She turned and walked back towards the doorway, allowing her husband to step forward. He took off his belt, doubled it, and began spanking Chelsea. From outside, her audience heard the regular rhythm of whacks, every other second. Chelsea tried valiantly not to cry out, squinting her eyes and gritting her teeth. But after fifteen strokes, she yelped. Thereafter she let out a pained “Ow!” after each stroke.

Jackie and Leslie grimaced in sympathy, thinking about how lucky they were not to be suffering the same punishment. The scene was especially poignant for Leslie, because she had a paddling coming from her mother, although that was to be in private. She wanted to reach back and rub her bottom in anticipation, but resisted the urge.

After about forty strokes, tears began to stream down Chelsea’s blushing face. Then she began to pound the desk with her hands. Jackie’s mother had been so angry that Chelsea had been such a bad influence on Jackie. And although she didn’t believe in spanking, she began to think that this could make a difference for her daughter’s friend; a difference that could save all of them spending more time in the court system.

After the first sixty-four strokes were delivered, Chelsea’s father backed away and allowed her to stand up. She wiped her eyes and rubbed her bottom.

“Geez that hurt!” she said. “Mom, I really really promise not to do it again. I’ve been punished enough!”

“Now what kind of parents would we be, if we weren’t consistent and true to our word,” her mom responded.

“But Mom…” said Chelsea.

“Just bend back over and let’s get this done with,” her mom continued.

If it hadn’t been for her waiting “audience”, Chelsea might have put up more resistance. But she had no wish for this embarrassing situation to continue any longer than it had to. So she forced herself to bend back over the desk and grasp the opposite side of it with all her might. Her mother took the belt from her father and began the second half of Chelsea’s spanking.

This time her yelps and moans started up right away. Her mother spanked at a faster pace than her father. She didn’t swing the belt as hard, but with less recovery time between strokes and already in pain from the first spanking, tears were soon streaming again as she squinted and pouted, her mouth turned down at the corners. She wanted to just let go and cry like a kid again, but through force of will, stopped herself from doing so.

Leslie’s parents reconsidered the idea of paddling versus belting. Clearly belting was effective, but time consuming. They had planned to give Leslie forty strokes with the paddle, but then it would be over. With a prolonged belt spanking, it gave the recipient plenty of time to think about what she was going through. Plus it was harder to accidentally cause serious injury with a belt on a bottom.

The longest five minutes of Chelsea’s young life wrapped up as her mother allowed her to stand and rub her bottom again.

“Okay, Chelsea. Now apologize,” her mother commanded.

Chelsea wiped her eyes and leaned towards the window again.

“I’m really sorry, guys. I’m sorry I got us into trouble. And I’m sorry for breaking the law.”

“Good girl,” Chelsea’s father said.

The guests filed back around to their cars. The girls climbed in while all the parents chatted for a bit. None of the girls knew what they were chatting about, but they couldn’t help but think that it probably wasn’t good news for them.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

3 comments on “Rear Window

  1. Pandora

    Oh, I like this. I have a bit of a weakness for matter-of-fact, severe domestic strappings with barely a pause between strokes. And the thoughts going through the minds of the watching audience really enhance this story. Bravo!

    ~ Pandora, who rather wants a belting now!

    • spankingprose

      Thank you very much! There’s so much great spanking writing out there. I’m trying to focus more on my own voice and what turns me on and not worry about “competing”. And it’s always tricky to write about domestic situations without it coming out sounding creepy. So I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

      I hope you get your wish 🙂

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