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My Spanking Fever

For those of you who have a fetish, you know how it can tend to take over or under-gird many of your actions, decisions, and thoughts. Spanking is definitely a fetish for me, but at times it is more than that. I’m realizing from a series of interactions I had today with some friends on Twitter, that I sometimes go into a spanking fever. When I’m in that state, the only things I want to engage in are spanking-related. Every female bottom I see, I consider spanking. All I want to talk about, when I’m in the fever, is spanking or topics around spanking. I want to read, write, and view spanking materials. My tastes tend to get a bit more severe. I find myself wanting to see deeper bruises, redder lines across bottoms. Ultimately, I end up thinking more and more about having my woman over my knee and spanking her for a long time – until she’s red, raw, and her pussy is dripping. It makes me want to tame the female bottom.

I admit that I feel like I’m a bit of a cad at such times – thinking about these rather un-gentlemanly desires. But I’m heartened to know that my submissive, along with many other women out there (thank God) don’t necessarily want a gentleman, or at least they don’t want a man who is a gentleman all the time…

I wonder if other people get this spanking fever. I wonder if they knew that I was a spanko, and also got the fever, if they would share that knowledge with me.

In some ways, I recognize that although I’ve been involved on and off in the BDSM community for eleven years, and even in leadership positions within our local community, I’m still an innocent in some ways when it comes to spanking. I’m still amazed that “girls get spanked”. I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude that some women, including amazingly, my woman, really like to be spanked. And not only that, there are some women that really fetishize spanking and like exploring the topic in various contexts – conversations, journal-writing, story-telling. It will sound silly to some for me to say, but this qualifies in my mind as one of the miracles in life.

Would I purposely give spanking fever to someone else if I could? Wishful thinking about Elisha Cuthbert aside, I tend to say “no”. I’m happy to let the universe dole out those kinds of favors on its own terms and I’ll just appreciate the miracles and the mysteries.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

3 comments on “My Spanking Fever

  1. lunargirl

    I always find myself wondering “is he?” “Is she”? It is an interesting conundrum, isn’t it? Really, I can’t ask without exposing myself, yet if I don’t ask, I will never know…

    I remember in grade school, even in high school, if someone was paddled, I couldn’t watch! I was always afraid that someone would know my secret and I’d be found out. I remember times, even as an adult, I would be sure to not look too interested if anything resembling a spanking should occur.

    Yes, Quai, it is completely correct that there is a breed of woman who prefers you are not always the gentle man. We still appreciate gentlemen, though.



    • Quai Disciplines

      I completely relate to “I coudn’t watch”. For me it was more like watch blankly with obvious disinterest. I too, felt like I had a neon sign over my head saying, “Yes, he’s way too interested in this paddling/spanking/belting… there’s something weird here”. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m particularly glad to know a girl felt the same way.


      • Pandora Blake

        Heh. Me too. Looking away from an unexpected reference to corporal punishment on TV with my heart pounding, convinced that everyone else would be able to see on my secret on my face.

        As for the spanking fever – yeah, I know what you mean. Although my life is too plural for it to last consistently over the course of, say, 24 hours – things will distract me, and I’ll rollercoaster from one emotional engagement to the next. But the base level, as it were, at which I’m interested in/thinking about/craving spanking definitely fluctuates, from times when it’s not really part of my mental landscape at all to times when it’s there 90% of the time.

        Feeding the interest definitely fuels it. When I’m doing a lot of spanking shoots, heavily engaged with writing blog posts, reading blogs, talking to other kinksters, or since I opened my pre-launch site and went fulltime editing and publicising my own productions – yeah, the bar has been raised. Still not 100%, but on average, spanking is definitely a bigger part of my consciousness than it was, say, a year ago, and the pleasant thing is that my partners seem to have picked up on it and I’m playing more as a result. I remember the years I spent in an agony of frustration before I had a regular spanking partner – and the many weeks since then when health, distance, work and other life stresses have got in the way – and feel nothing but gratitude for the opportunities for meeting my spanking needs which my life currently holds.

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