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Spanking Discussion: Day 3 #adventblog

I’ll be making daily posts from now until December 25th for the Advent season in cooperation with an effort inspired by the wonderful “el tercer ojo

Today I feel inspired to write about the miracle of spanking.

I can hear you now asking, “Quai, what do you mean the miracle of spanking? Spanking is commonplace in so many ways.”

Ah, but the ways in which it is common are not the ones I’m talking about as miracle. What I’m talking about is the miracle of spanking from my perspective as a het-dom-man – one who not only fetishizes this thing that we do, but is often obsessed by it.

To wit…

That it should be true that women get spanked too. Women, the wonderful, magical creatures that they are – God’s genius expressed in rare form.

That there should exist women who like or even love to be spanked. Oh… my… God…

That I’m friends with several of them and actually married one. What?! How did I manage that?

Miracles of spanking abound in my life and I am grateful.

I am grateful and humbled. I am fascinated and curious. I know as a man and a dominant, I’m supposed to be, by stereotype, primarily interested in action action action (no talk, just action). But honestly, often I just love to talk about it, have a deep conversation about it, and explore what to outsiders would probably seem like endless mundane details of who, what implements, when, how many, what position they were in, why, etc.

I sit down outside the cafe or bar and wait for you to join me for a drink. Pull up a chair and let’s discuss spanking. It may have been difficult for you to do so before, but with me you know you’ve found someone you can trust and who understands and who will never judge you.

Let’s toast to one another and celebrate this miracle – that we have found one another. How wonderful is that? How miraculous!

Keep your channel open.


About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

One comment on “Spanking Discussion: Day 3 #adventblog

  1. alias82

    I like talking about spanking too. Some of my spanking touchstones? Sight and sound of belt being removed. Scolding and punishment spanking. It’s hard to find perfect belt, especially here. Daddy’s belt doesn’t hurt as much as I’d like it to hurt. His hand hurts more. Maybe I’m weird but I don’t like hand spanking. Nor OTK. Actually, not that I don’t like but I prefer belt spanking. My favorite position is face down on the bed. Over the edge of the bed. Being made to pull my pants and panties down after scolding. I like it when he pulls them down too, but being made to do it myself is the best way. And then some more scolding. Punishment spankings are my thing. Really hard ones. Did I mention ageplay? 😀
    Ok, have to go now. Need to talk to Daddy.

    Be well,

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