Spanking Discussion – “7 Minutes in Belting-Heaven”: Day 7 #adventblog #Spankvent @AbelJenkins

I’ll be making daily posts from now until December 25th for the Advent season in cooperation with an effort inspired by the wonderful “el tercer ojo“.

This also relates to a day I claimed from Abel Jenkins “Spankvent” in which I expressed my desire to treat my sub to 7 minutes of belting for day 7.

Both of us were anticipating the belting for the last couple of days. I think both of us looked forward to it, her with perhaps a bit more trepidation than I. My main concern was pacing the belting in such a way as to not bruise her to soon or too heavily so as to have to abort the play. I’ve given her plenty of belting in the past, for play and occasionally for punishment, so I wasn’t too concerned about my technique. However, we’d never timed it before. For punishment, I would typically give her a certain number of strokes. And when we play, I just belt her for as long as I see fit, before changing to a different implement or using her in some other way.

So this was quite erotically charged because of the novelty of this approach to belting. My only wish that didn’t get fulfilled is that because of the time of year and adjusting to life in a new job with a new company, I didn’t get time to go belt shopping. The one belt that is my favorite to use on her is the one I wear and I think it’s leather is too lightweight. It gives good sting, but not enough thuddy impact like I like.

The one I typically wear

We both had busy days yesterday, but I told her at wake up time that we’re going to find at least seven minutes in our schedules today to do this. And fortunately, we did. After work, while she put in song-writing and recording time in her studio, I caught up on some of my blog reading and social media. Reading some of the blogs in my blog roll is a sure fire way to get me feeling sadistic pretty fast. It makes me crave a bottom to punish.

I had her take a shower and put on this very cute, domestic-looking jean dress and nothing else. I made sure she moisturized with lotion. This not only helps protect the skin, but the layer of fresh lotion also increases the sting.

I told her to bend over the end of our bed at the foot and stretch her arms out in front of her head. She rested on pillows for plenty of support. I usually want her to be comfortable throughout her body except for the parts I’m engaged in hurting at the time (butt, nipples, etc.). I started the countdown timer and doubled the belt and began spanking her with it. This was probably the trickiest part of the pacing for me. I wanted to give her some warm up, but not too much because I wanted this to be a challenge for her. So I decided that the first 40 strokes (20 from each side to keep it even) would be her warm up. The rest of the belt spanking would be at full ‘playing’ severity (as opposed to punishment severity).

I set my pace at about one stroke every two or three seconds, watching her body begin to writhe as the pain built, and drinking in the wonderful sight of belt lines criss-cross and become an ever deepening shade of solid red. She’s a singer and has this incredible voice. It gets me so hot to hear her moan and yelp, which she did quite a bit of. I was proud of her as she held position, occasionally coming up on her toes because the pain was a bit stronger for a particular stroke than she was ready for.

After about three or four minutes, I would have paused to switch implements or rubbed her for a while. For me, being the spanko-sadist I am, this is not so much about mercy, but a desire to provide a contrast to the spanking enabling her to feel it afresh when the spanking resumes. So this was the second part of the challenge for me belting her – keeping her “interested” as it were… So I varied the pace somewhat and began belting down the backs of her thighs, which definitely put her “on her toes”. Additionally, I began to ask her about what she was feeling, how bad the pain was on certain areas, what it felt like to be used in this way for my pleasure. All this seemed to put her deeper into subspace, allowing for us both to be quite aroused by the end of seven minutes. The timer went off all too soon for my tastes and so I began to wrap things up.

Afterwards, I did rub her bottom and squeeze it with gusto for my own pleasure, which was increased by the sharp intakes of breath from her due to this “rubbing in” of the pain from the belting. It wasn’t a time which we could have sex, so instead I came over her bare bottom, to both our great pleasure.  Being endorphined-up, I helped her stand up again and held her to me and kissed her, telling her how proud I was of her and how she did such a wonderful job in serving me.

So thank you Abel. ‘Spankvent’ is a wonderful idea and I’m glad I decided to throw my dom cents in 🙂

11 thoughts on “Spanking Discussion – “7 Minutes in Belting-Heaven”: Day 7 #adventblog #Spankvent @AbelJenkins

  1. hoooooo boy …was one thing to experience, and another whole experience reading about it after the fact. Let me see….I’ll just say…mmm. Not clear enough? I’ll reiterate then. MMM.

    What, you want more from Quai’s wife/submissive the first time she decides to make a comment?


    Mmmmm MMMMM mmm mmm mmmmMMMMmmmmMMMmmmMMMMm!!!!!!

    1. Hello! I love that you commented on this post – it makes reading it all the hotter to hear how much you enjoyed it too 🙂

      Quai, brilliant scene writeup, it’s given me an appetite for something similar when I visit Tom next week. More of these!

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