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Spanking Discussion – “Registry Cleaning for My Psyche”: Day 9 #adventblog

I’ll be making daily posts from now until December 25th for the Advent season in cooperation with an effort inspired by the wonderful “el tercer ojo“.

As huge changes occur in my personal, spiritual, emotional life – my psyche as it were, I realize that these new “installs” require a registry cleaning. So I wrote up a psyche registry cleaning script for myself.

     REF;                    NODE;                    ACTION;
     LowSelfEsteem           Ego                      Delete
     ExcessGuilt             SuperEgo                 Delete
     IrrationalFear          Id                       Delete
     SuperstitiousNonsense   Mind                     Delete
     PreconceivedNotions     Mind                     Delete
     Judgment                Mind                     Delete
     Attachments             Heart                    Remove
     Alienations             Heart                    Remove
     Duality                 Mind                     Transcend
     DestructiveHabits       Body                     Clear
     DestructiveHabits       Body                     Transform
     FaulyLogic              Mind                     Erase
     Clarity                 Mind                     Generate
     Logic                   Mind                     Rebuild
     Openness                Heart                    Expand
     CreativeSelfExpression  Soul                     DoAlways

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

4 comments on “Spanking Discussion – “Registry Cleaning for My Psyche”: Day 9 #adventblog

  1. Pandora Blake

    I like this very much (although I think I’d want to specify which attachments to remove from my Heart node – some of them definitely improve my user experience). Have you run it yet? How’s it going – throwing up any errors?

    • Quai Disciplines

      Haha 🙂 Thank you. I have run it and no errors so far. I realize, though, that I’ll need to run it regularly to maintain a clean system.

  2. Zeke

    Great script – I appreciate it that much more as a fellow techie!

    I need to still grok the lines about attachments and alienations, because I am still becoming more emotionally aware. Thank you for helping make me aware of the fact that I need to look into those. 🙂

    • Quai Disciplines

      You’re quite welcome 🙂 and it’s great to have you here.

      Attachment and alienation for me are two sides of a dualistic coin. The duality that we’re used to thinking in (me vs not me) tends to result attachments to those objects, behaviors, and people that make us feel maintained or increased. And we feel an alienation towards those who would be apathetic or destructive towards us. Both are born out of duality and are therefore illusions. Ultimately they stand in the way of transcendence.

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