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Spanking Discussion – “Perfect 10?”: Day 10 #adventblog

I’ll be making daily posts from now until December 25th for the Advent season in cooperation with an effort inspired by the wonderful “el tercer ojo“.

Today I had a great time with friends on Twitter talking about some of the dark edges of what we like. Most of my friends on Twitter are kinky, spankos, and bloggers. So that’s great in an of itself. But for me, it’s really wonderful when I discover some commonality that I thought I was more of an outsider on.

Today that was about severity. One of my friends said she’d just received some very severe marks from play with her master, and was contemplating whether to post pics of them or not. Another friend posted a video of a real life spanking from a D/s couple, where it was so severe that the woman who was receiving the spanking was crying. Then the subject of back whipping came up. I can’t recall, but I may have brought that up. Back whipping can be controversial among, so-called purist spankos. I can understand that. Back whipping is not, strictly speaking, spanking. But for me, the same sexual sadism that makes me hot to see a woman spanked is carried over to seeing her tied and whipped across her back.

So I posted some links to videos of whipping scenes on youtube and Dailymotion of main stream and semi-main stream films. Again, severity was the theme. That severity takes me to a dark, but delicious place within me sexually. It has done so since I first realized I was sexually aroused by seeing girls spanked. If I witnessed a more severe spanking or even just heard about one from friends, I got this intense erotic heat within me, from the base of my spine up through my belly. It made me feel strong somehow, and primitive, and like a predator. The tantalizing underlying question being, “How can someone do this to a girl?” Just that question is enough to get me going with #SpankingFever.

But that brings me to the title of this post – “Perfect 10?”. Part of the reason I’ve called it a “fever” is that I can get into a mode where I’m searching for the perfect 10 in a spanking or whipping video scene. Honestly, I don’t even know if such a thing exists for me, but I get obsessed to a point where I can’t let it go until I’ve either found it, or I’ve gotten aroused enough that I have to go “do something about that”. I wonder if you have a “perfect 10” scene or maybe the template for it.

For me there are some necessary  conditions.

The position has to be right. For a spanking this can be OTK or bent over something at a more or less natural angle. Closer to 90-degrees is better, but I can tolerate 45 (as is the case with several of the spanking machine videos ) or 135 (as is considered more the traditional birching position). But no diaper, no standing up straight, no chasing someone around the room with an implement. And I don’t what this is about, but I’m seeing some spankees bending over but tucking their butts under like they’re ashamed of it. Stop that or don’t be in spanking videos! I’m not judging, these are just my preferences. And if she won’t stay in position, tie her down. I don’t have time to sit by and watch while some Dom asserts “his will”. Get it organized and just do it.

I’ve got to see her face. No face, no joy.

After the necessary conditions, come the add-ons.

Tears are better, if they’re real. If not, second best is a good actress who can fake it well. Under no circumstances should a spanking model try to fake tears if they aren’t real and she can’t act. I don’t want to feel like I should be setting you down in your play pen with your teddy. (Nothing against age-players.)

The spankee doesn’t have to be a gorgeous knockout, but please at least have a booty. No booty, no joy.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I like to have some idea how long the spanking is going to last. Sometimes I just need to plan my arousal around a schedule. ‘Nough said.

The cherry on top.

Severity. I love to see red bottoms, welts, bruises, realistic marks. Whatever other shortfalls there might be, if it looks like she’s really going through some painful punishment, a lot can be overlooked.

I’d love to hear what you think and what you look for.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

4 comments on “Spanking Discussion – “Perfect 10?”: Day 10 #adventblog

  1. alias82

    My spanking fever starts to subside and you post something like this. Thank goodness I don’t work today! 😀

    I’ll try to write down what I look for in a video. But I can’t make the top ten list now. I need my laptop for that.

    So, let me try.
    – I like it to be M/F. Age play if possible.
    -Punishment, severe, raised welts and lot of bruises-black and blue and blood.
    – crying is a huge bonus if it’s really good acting (it’s hard for me to believe spankee would cry for real cause I can’t cry. Never could, not even as a kid)
    – I had a favorite spankee before she started selling her videos. It doesn’t look real to me any more
    – playful spankings are nice too, but I like them just ocasionally and then they have to be funny.
    – position has to be face and upper body flat on the bed, legs touching the floor. Over the back of the couch is the second favorite
    -upper body clothed, pants and panties pulled down
    -scolding. Spanker’s deep voice
    -no: 1 thank you, 2 thank you. Just plain execution.
    – belt or strap.
    – belt being removed on the spot. Doubled over
    – on the bottom and thighs(back, inner and front)
    – when I’m in darker mood: back whipping, breast and pussy torture. I’m afraid of needles but like to watch needle play. Pretty much anything bdsm

    Whheew, I think that’s about it. Sorry it’s too long!

    Be well,

    • Quai Disciplines

      Please don’t apologize. This comment was just the kind I was looking for. This is spanking discussion and so the more appropriate words the better 🙂

      Front of thighs seems unusual to me in terms of spanking play. Were inner and fronts of thighs part of your experience or experiences you heard about in terms of punishment?

      As far as thighs, I always like the spanking to cover part of the back of the upper thighs. That’s one of my earliest fantasies. I remember daydreaming in middle school (around 14 or 15 years old) and imagining one of my female class mates “getting it” at home, lying across her bed with her skirt up and getting the belt. I’d imagine the spanker methodically whipping his way from the top of her bottom down to mid-thigh and then working his way back up and then repeating the pattern.

  2. alias82

    Front and inner thighs didn’t hurt me more than my bottom. BUT, I was never hit there on purpose or methodically. I was hit accidentally and therefore I can’t talk much about it. I read that it hurts more but I didn’t get that impression. So, I don’t know. I would have to get a proper session to know for sure. Hopefully soon! 😀

  3. alias82

    Oh, and when are we going to read about your class mate getting the belt at home? 😀 I like the idea! The belt, parental discipline(if it’s her dad… Oh my!), on the bed, skirt up… OMG! The spanking fever is back and it’s strong!

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