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Spanking Discussion – “14 Stars I’d Like to Spank”: Day 14 #adventblog

I’m making daily posts from now until December 25th for the Advent season in cooperation with an effort inspired by the wonderful “el tercer ojo“.

I have 5 categories in which I score how attracted I am to a woman: Cuteness, Prettiness, Sexiness, Beauty, and Spankability. Most of these categories are not definable to me as to why I feel the way I do about any one person. I define spankability as pertaining to how much I feel inclined to spank her and/or how much I think she might like to be spanked. dI thought I’d let you in on 14 I consider very spankable and give you all their ratings (1-10 scale) and why/how I’d like to spank them. In no particular order:

1. Nia Vardalos

Cuteness = 8, Prettiness=7, Sexiness=9, Beauty=8, and Spankability=8

The spanking: She has such a womanly, sexy vibe to her and she’s just brimming with vivacious energy. I’d start with an OTK spanking to get her good and warmed up, then tie her down on a spanking bench and flog her bottom with a heavy flogger. I think she needs to really feel it. My sense is that she would be surprised by how aroused she got by it.

2. Sarah Chalke

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=6, Sexiness=8, Beauty=5, and Spankability=8

The spanking: Because of her character on “Scrubs” being so high energy and anxious all the time, I’ve always thought she could use a stress-relief spanking. I’d give her all OTK, spanking her severely enough to give her endorphins but not enough to make her cry out. I imagine her moaning softly and squirming a lot, with pain being just intense enough to very uncomfortable, but with her wanting to take what’s best for her…

3. Elisha Cuthbert

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=8, Sexiness=9, Beauty=9, and Spankability=9

The spanking: Elisha seems pretty adventurous to me – sort of like “Yeah, it’s my body, but so what. I’ll try things with it.” With her skin tone and being so cute, I’d just want to see her face getting all flush, her eye lids getting heavy, and a tear or two flowing down those sweet cheeks. So I’d give her a good long, severe OTK spanking and then pick out another special Top to give her a strapping while I watched her face and occasionally caressed it and wipe her tears.

4. Beyoncé Knowles

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=8, Sexiness=7, Beauty=7, and Spankability=7

The spanking: Beyoncé is said to have talked about getting spanked at least once growing up. This fact and how hot her face and body are, has always made me want to bend her over (tied) the end of a bed and strap her until she cries and promises to be good.

5. Jane Krakowski

Cuteness = 7, Prettiness=8, Sexiness=7, Beauty=6, and Spankability=9

The spanking: Both roles I’ve watched her in (“30 Rock” and “Ally McBeal”), she has such a high degree of delicious naughtiness. And she relishes in it. And my spank-dar goes way up. But I also have a strong inclination that she’d love it. She be so aroused by spanking that it could never be a deterrent. But that’s alright. It would be just so much fun to tie her down on a spanking bench and cane her and cane her and cane her…

6. Eva Longoria

Cuteness = 7, Prettiness=8, Sexiness=7, Beauty=6, and Spankability=9

The spanking: “Gabby” from “Desperate Housewives”. Enough said? I just think Carlos needs to tie her down over his desk, pull up her skirt and have a very long discussion with her, using his belt as the translator. She would whine so much, he’d have to gag her.

7. Kristin Chenoweth

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=9, Sexiness=7, Beauty=8, and Spankability=9

The spanking: She’s the cutest little (and I mean little) pixie. How can you resist taking her over you knee and spanking her like the woman she really is. She’d pound her fists  and kick her legs into the couch I’m spanking her on. Then she’d begin to cry, then sob, then get quieter and just moan as as she became more and more aroused and dip into subspace.

8. PauleyPerrette

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=7, Sexiness=8, Beauty=7, and Spankability=7

The spanking: Playful, but intense is the way I’d describe her and the kind of spanking she needs. She’s always struck me as a “Suicide Girls” type. I imagine having her kneeling on a bed, her wrists cuffs to the outer parts of the head board, her nipples clamped and attached to the headboard, and caning her. She needs intense pain in my view, so I’d make each stroke go to punishment level.

9. Busy Philipps

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=8, Sexiness=9, Beauty=7, and Spankability=8

The spanking: Another playful one, but sexually so enthusiastic… I once heard her on an episode of “Cougar Town” talk about her impending punishment from another character. (There’s no spanking or mention of spanking.) It gave me such a warm feeling as I felt she understood the necessity of and use for punishment. I always wanted to lay her across some pillows to raise her hips, pull her jeans down and give her a heavy strapping. I imagine she’d have a high-pitched howl for the bite of the strap. She’d cry so pretty.

10. Gina Gershon

Cuteness = 7, Prettiness=7, Sexiness=9, Beauty=9, and Spankability=8

The spanking: So so sexy, and a gemini like me. We gemini’s clearly understand spanking for the most part. I’d have to give her an OTK spanking. She and I both would want the intimacy. We’d take breaks once in a while and have a few sips of red wine while she rubbed her bottom. Then back over my knees…

11. Kelly Clarkson

Cuteness = 8, Prettiness=6, Sexiness=7, Beauty=8, and Spankability=7

The spanking: Great butt and a Southern girl. I have a thing about Southern girls seeming to grok spanking in much higher numbers than other parts of the U.S. I have no idea if this is true of course.. But I think most of our girls have tasted the strap or the switch. Kelly is a “down home” babe, who probably has been spanked. I’d want her bent over a desk, hands gripping the other side, skirt up, panties down. I hope she doesn’t make me have to tie her in place… Perhaps I should anyway for mercy sake. I think she’d be a great crier.

12. Melissa Joan Hart

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=7, Sexiness=8, Beauty=7, and Spankability=7

The spanking: She seems like she needs a father figure and she has such a great spanking body, nice waist to hip ratio, great legs, and so cute. I don’t get the impression she would like spanking sexually, but she does need it. She needs a good long, teach-a-lesson spanking.

13. Renee O’Connor

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=8, Sexiness=8, Beauty=7, and Spankability=9

The spanking: She played “Gabriele” in the “Xena – Warrior Princess” series. She’s just so damn spunky. You know she needs spanking, but she’s a warrior too, so you’d have to be severe. I’d tie her over a spanking bench, knees slightly apart and use a prison strap, a flogger, and a birch on her. I think that’d get her attention at least. She’s got such a spirit, the exercise would likely need to be repeated.

14. Cobie Smulders

Cuteness = 9, Prettiness=9, Sexiness=8, Beauty=8, and Spankability=8

The spanking: I love her combination of heartiness and femininity. With her complexion it looks like she would make such sexy blushes (both sets of cheeks). I would tie her face down on a bed with pillows under her hips to raise her bottom up. With her skirt up and panties down, I would want to belt and strap her. I don’t get the “dar” with her so I think she’d just cry and curse at me. That’d be hot, but so wrong… Besides that she [text deleted at the request of subject’s attorneys]


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