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“A 5 Minute Caning”

I decided I liked the timed spanking thing. When I gave Ren the seven-minute belting for my part in Abel Jenkins’ Spankvent, I found that it added a different dimension to our play and to my fantasy/fetish appreciation. I’ve always loved numbers when it comes to spanking. Ever since I was a kid and heard that someone got a spanking, I immediately wanted to know how many ‘licks’ they got. I guess this is because I’ve always been naturally analytical. At some point I put it together that the more ‘licks’ someone got, the more painful it was and the more they cried. I suppose every other kid came to the same conclusion, but I really wanted to quantify it. I hoped either the victim or a witness would count. Too much to ask, but ideal, would be hearing that so-and-so’s parent said she was going to get X number of spanks with Y implement. Then you could compare that sentence later with what actually happened.

These days I’m also thinking more and more how hot timed sentences are. So it got me pretty worked up thinking about giving her five minutes of caning. It took an extra day of anticipation because how busy we are lately. Anticipation is fun though.

Ren didn’t know at the time, but I had decided to make this more of a sensual caning. So I got the pleasure of seeing her facial expression when I reminded her “Tonight I’m going to cane you for five minutes.” Even though she’s submissive and a masochist, she still looked rather nervous about it and startled, which was rather hot for me.

When the time came, I told her to get the pillows and put them at the foot of the bed. This is where I typically have her bend over for serious implement use. I also tied her wrists with rope so that she couldn’t reach behind her and protect or rub her bottom. Another motivation for the rope was that just as I have a spanking fetish, she has one for bondage. Seeing the obvious complementary nature of these two fetishes, I’m actively trying to incorporate more bondage in our play.

After tying her, I had her bend over and I noted the time. I was tempted to hand spank her as warm up which is typically what I do for a sensual/erotic spanking, but I resisted, remembering that she still didn’t know the nature of this caning. I wanted to have more fun with her expectations.

I chose the bamboo cane, rather than the thin carbon-fiber one or the thicker wood dowl one. I began spanking her with it, drinking in the sweet ‘swish’ sound it makes as it slices through the air. I just love that ‘whoosh’ it makes. It just sounds so natural and painful – part of the soundtrack of “real” and painful corporal punishment.

I also love her natural reactions. I love her sharp intakes of breath. I love it when she raises her hips when she comes up on her tip toes because of how painful a stroke was. I got to experience quite a range of these natural reactions as the caning proceeded.

Those neat darker and deeper red lines crossed and filled the skin of her bottom and upper thighs. With the severity level of the strokes I made the caning just painful enough to be challenging, but not so intense that she couldn’t just relax into her arousal. Her arousal was clear as she began to sensually roll her hips during the caning, occasionally coming up on her toes during an especially challenging strokes. It was highly erotic to me hardly being able to distinguish her arousal and from her pain in her moans.

As was the case with the belting, five minutes elapsed way too soon. I stopped caning as planned and realizing we both wanted more, I hand-spanked her in order to keep the feeling going for a while more. Spanking an already red-striped and sore bottom is amazingly hot. Each spank gets quite a lovely reaction. One feels so powerful 🙂

I let her go without having her come, but I did. I like to keep her in that aroused, anticipatory state. She’s very “pliable” that way.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

2 comments on ““A 5 Minute Caning”

  1. Poppy

    Am I allowed to wish you a merry Christmas?
    If I am then, merry Christmas and if not, happy being alive in winter!


    • Quai Disciplines

      Merry Christmas to you too!

      I celebrate Christmas with my family. Personally, Vedanta is my spiritual path and we respect all spiritual paths.

      So “Thank you” 🙂

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