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This past week has been quite an adventure.  I took vacation time from work and Ren and I went to Second Life Florida Sunshine Jam .  We decided to drive rather than fly to and from NC to FL for various reasons, but whether we flew or drove it was going to be arduous. For various other reasons we don’t travel that well and so we don’t travel often. By the end of Sunday night, the last night of the jam, it turned out to be well worth all the challenges (which I shall fill you in more later if you’re interested). We renewed old friendships and made new deep connections that are sure to become friends. It’s always fascinating and exciting to meet the real faces behind our avatars in Second Life. I think most of us look different than expected, but one always feels like “Oh yeah… that does make sense though.”

Aside from the great music I participated in with this group of incredibly talented musicians, I also solidified for myself, my vision of my artistic and career path. I am now more certain than ever, that I  want media, audio in particular, to be my mode of expression going forward. I want to focus more on podcasts and webcasts. For lack of a better way to describe it, I want to be the “NPR or the spanking/kink world” and bring you interviews, discussions, news, commentary, original music, and audio content from other providers/producers. I will still continue to write and post spanking fiction as well. (In fact, I’m considering creating audio versions of the stories.) In any case, I plan to post text versions of many of the main podcasts. I realize there are times when text is more convenient as well as times when audio would be more convenient.

In preparation for moving my artistic career down this path, I’m working on setting up a Skype account under the name “Quai Franklin”. And that leads me into still more deep territory. Adding the name “Franklin” is my way of incorporating my vanilla-world self. ‘Franklin’ is my actual first name. The reason I decided on this new name is because I am merging my vanilla world and my kink world to a great degree. I realized that I also want to provide “interviews, discussions, news, commentary, and original music” in the vanilla world as well. (Striking news, of course. I don’t have that kind of time or that many resources and the scope is way too wide). I do already have two vanilla-world musicians who have agreed to interviews.

So my question becomes, do I need to introduce them to the blog I write or their possible kinky audience? Why would it matter? We’d be there to talk about them and their music and their plans. The common denominator is simply Quai. The people I interview, the discussions I host, the commentary, etc… It’s all just my taste – the things I happen to be interested in.  So the obvious answer, to me, is to establish other blogs that focus on my other areas of interest and to eventually link to them all from a “Quai Franklin” portal website. And I do want them to be under the same umbrella, because, frankly, I want to live my life as honestly as possible. As odd a person as I am, there are bound to be others who appreciate (more or less) my aesthetic and what it is I’m trying to do here. And as Martha Graham would say, “It is not [my] business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions.” And also true, “It is [my] business to keep it [mine] clearly and directly, to keep the channel open“.

This time I’m going to take this wise advice and just do that which interests and excites me – from my ‘channel’. I’m going to produce just the kind of content I like and see what happens.

Now, onto the business of how to make it “work”…

I want to work with you as much (as it can be mutually arranged and be mutually beneficial) in terms of doing interviews, participating in discussions, being a correspondents for news stories, co-authoring, c0-producing, etc. I really want this to be collaborative and fun as much as the hard work it surely will be.

As far as revenue, I’ve decided to take the public radio approach and depend on donations and advertising and possible underwriting by those whom I consider to be “ethical producers” (by my own standard). “Dreams of Spanking” is an excellent example of just such an ethical producer. Pandora Blake and her partners are producing “Fairtrade Spanking” with an emphasis on consent, and gender equality.

In practical terms, this week I’m testing the ways Skype can be utilized and recorded for interviews and discussions, as well as correspondent input. I’m establishing a new account with the name “Quai Franklin” and it will have an “online number” to allow call ins from regular phones. I want to test it out so I’m looking for volunteers to call in and discuss things and help me test the process and get the bugs worked out.

Please send me “show” ideas and topics you’d like to see discussed and people you’d like to see interviewed. What would you like a music program to be like? I get so excited just thinking about the possibilities. How about you?

So tonight as my achy body recovers and I take the last few days of my vacation, I’m in a happy place and feeling like I’m finally doing what I love and just need to work out the small detail of how to make a living from it.

Stay tuned…

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

2 comments on “Considering the Future

  1. Pandora Blake

    Congrats on the identity mesh!

    I’ve been listening to a lot of radio and netcasts lately, to keep me amused while doing the endless photo editing which is now and ongoing part of my weekly schedule. I think you could provide a valuable counterpoint to the existing Kink on Tap, which provides commentary on political sexuality issues, by focussing more on the social, personal and philosophical aspects of kink.

    (I’m fascinated to see how you and Ren can bring music into this. Would the music all be kink-themed or just mood-setting? Do you know other artists whose work you’d like to promote? I don’t even know how royalties and stuff work for radio play in practice…)

    • Quai Disciplines

      Thank you for the feedback, Pandora.

      Providing an alternative to what’s already out there is definitely something I’m interested in. In fact, if there were someone else out there who wanted to do just what I’m doing, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I’d look at it as both motivational competition and as another needed voice out there, whom I could possibly cooperate with.

      This reminds me I still need to contact maymay…

      Also I want to stream content from other audio providers in mutual cooperation, including other podcasters and their work.

      As far as the music, I realize that I don’t want to only podcast and webcast to the spanking/kink community. I also want to have a “show” featuring independent music artists and their music. But for the spanking/kink music webcasts, I would want to feature music by and for kinksters. Their music wouldn’t have to be kink-themed. It would mainly be that they’re “one of us”.

      As far as royalties, that’s something I need to look into. ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC handle licensing for any broadcasting and venue for most commercially produced music. I’ll have to look into their costs/licensing schemes. What I’ve heard is that they can charge some outrageous fees for licensing. So I’m considering the idea of only playing non-licensed original music or creating an artist agreement with regards to my “station”. So for example, if Thomas Cameron had some songs he wanted to put on my airwaves, he’d be welcome to do so, as long as neither he nor his licensing administrator expected to collect from me. I’m primarily interested in this as not-for-profit like the way NPR does it. I just want to make enough money to quit my day job 🙂

      Thanks for the interesting and relevant questions. As I wait for my new audio interface to arise, I have some things to look into.

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