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The Story Today – “Masochism Test” – the “Whipping Girl” saga continues…

The story begins here.

Melanie found it surprisingly easy to get her first job as a whipping girl. Tom Hanagan answered her ad on, a well-known go-to spot for the super-rich to get their super services and special needs met.

He had been talking with his friend, Buddy, on the golf course about his decision to hire a whipping girl for his daughters. Tom talked about how they had become more and more rebellious lately and he thought he ought to get more strict with them. He really just wanted them to learn a lesson and not actually have to feel the punishment. After all, they were rich, and why have all that money and still have to deal with the consequences of your behavior?

Buddy had agreed with his friend about this approach, but being a “man of the world” he had a word of caution to give about the situation.

“You’ve just got to be sure she’s not one of those masochists,” Buddy had said. “If you really want your daughters to see her suffering, they won’t really see that if your whipping girl is getting her jollies from the pain.”

Tom thought about this for a moment and asked, “Well what am I supposed to do? Just ask her if she’s a masochist?”

“No no no,” Buddy continued. “You can’t do that. She’ll just lie. They know most customers don’t want masochists, so they lie.”

“Okay, then what…” Tom asked.

“Masochism test,” Buddy answered.

Tom considered the idea for 3 more holes before he finally asked Buddy what a masochism test consisted of. He wasn’t sure he liked the answers, but it all seemed plausible, so he made up his mind to act on the information he was given.

A couple of days later, Melanie now found herself tied down to a soft leather padded spanking bench in Tom’s home study. Tom looked on as the professional dominant he hired as a tester, paced slowly back and forth, observing alternately Melanie’s face and once again her bottom. Her bottom already had a rosy blush as a result of some carefully placed spanks.

The brown-skinned, dreadlocked dominant ran a hand across Melanie’s bare back and down to her bikini-clad bottom. When his hand reached her bottom, he began spanking her again, each spank strong enough to cause her to arch her head back and draw deep breaths, which she then blew out in little puffs as if she were blowing out candles. The spanks were just hard enough to make her eyes watery and she began to pout. After about 40 medium, rhythmic strokes, he stopped and rubbed her bottom for a brief moment. It was now a dusky red and Melanie was unconsciously swaying her hips from side to side, as much as the bonds would allow.

The man traced a path with two fingers up one of her inner thighs, to the thin fabric covering the mound of her pussy. He pressed the area and waited a moment. Melanie’s eyes widened and she blinked rapidly as her mouth opened slightly. Shaking his head, he then begin unbuckling his belt and pulled it out through it’s loops.

As he folded the belt he said, “So far I don’t think she’s a masochist. I’m getting know signs of arousal, despite my use of classic spanking techniques. I’m going to try the belt now, because it seems to be such a hot button to press among spankos. If she doesn’t get aroused from this, she’s not in it to get off.”

He drew back the folded belt and whipped it squarely against Melanie’s bottom. She moaned and wiggled her hips with more energy now. The little pout she made formed into a full frown as she felt another stroke of the belt whip into her. “No fair,” she thought. He hadn’t waited til she had fully absorbed the pain of the previous stroke. He was whipping her like it was a punishment. This spanko dominant was giving her a “good old fashioned” style butt whipping. She would be spanked like a delinquent or a workhouse urchin from a previous era.

As typically happened when a woman is whipped with a belt at this certain rate, it’s not enough to get her screaming, but too much for her to resist crying. So she just cries and sometimes begs and sometimes curses. As visible belt-stroke lines appeared on either side of her bikini bottoms, it became clear that she was taking a real belting. Tom thought for a moment about his daughters seeing this, knowing this is what he would do to them if he hadn’t been as soft-hearted as he was. They would have to know he was serious.

Upstairs in Tom’s younger daughter’s room, Becky and Maggie sat looking at their laptops and the feed from the tiny cameras they had planted in their father’s study. These units fit inside the erasers of pencils and they transmitted sound as well. The two realized they were in trouble when they accidentally overheard their father’s phone conversation with this person whom he later referred to as a “whipping girl”. They simply had to “look in” on this first meeting between her and their father. How angry was he at them? As they watched the belting of Melanie and counted past 80 strokes, their mouths began to fall further and further agape. It was quite a frightening and heady experience realizing that this is what their father would have done to them if he had the heart.

“That would hurt so much,” Becky said, not taking her eyes off her screen.

Maggie nodded, watching this severe belt-spanking, and found herself in rare agreement with her sister. “Yeah, it would.”

“Would he really spank us that severely if he could,” Becky asked.

Maggie continued nodding, eyes glued, and said, “Yeah… he would.” She winced, remembering the only spanking her father had given her. He apparently had never thought about when to stop a spanking, and so continued for six or seven minutes. When he had finished with her, she barely had the strength to stand up. And when she did finally stand, all she could do was rub her bottom and look at him in disbelief through wet eyes.

In the study, the dominant put his belt back on while Melanie sobbed and pulled against her bonds. She wanted so much just to rub her bottom, just for a while, but she couldn’t just yet.

He performed the same test as earlier, checking for wetness between her legs. Finding none, he looked suitably impressed.

“She’s not a spanko or a masochist. I gave her more than 120 strokes with the belt. After that many, if she were inclined to be aroused from spanking, she would be by now.”

Tom smiled, “Very well then. Thank you for your help.” He handed the dominant a check and showed him out.

He then turned back to the crying, wiggling girl in the bikini, tied up in his study. “I suppose I have to untie her now,” he thought. He wasn’t sure why he would doubt that it was time to untie her, but he recognized a primal feeling growing within him as he watched her red, striped, scantily clad bottom moving around and trying to work out the pain it was helpless to do anything about.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

One comment on “The Story Today – “Masochism Test” – the “Whipping Girl” saga continues…

  1. lunargirl

    Perhaps she wasn’t turned on, but I sure was. 😉


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