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Quai’s Blog Roll Highlights – A – D

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Greetings everyone. This is Quai Franklin. In an effort to get back into reading and commenting on blogs in my blog roll, I thought I might try publishing what I’m calling “highlights” or things that catch my eye, according to my own personal tastes. I had originally thought of doing a mid-week review, but so much of reviewing and critiquing is about personal tastes and preferences anyway. And in my experience, it’s easy to find critical opinions. So rather than mentioning things I don’t like, I’m just going through my blog roll, looking at what’s been posted lately and if I like it I’ll comment on it here and paste the links into a blog post for reference.

I’m starting with A – D because I’m thinking that’s probably going to take enough time and create enough reading and listening material for a decent-sized, but hopefully not too big, post. As I post these, I’ll rotate through ranges in the alphabet that make sense for reasonable sized posts.


A Voice in the Corner” has a spankfully delicious new story called “Whip Sisters” which includes not only hot spanking action, but also plenty of planning and build up. The story does a great job of balancing our collective wishful thinking as spankos with realistic scenes and believable characters.


Adele Haze’s Spanking Model Speaks” appears to have a new look, which I really like. I’m not sure when she re-designed it because I’ve been so remiss in looking in on the blogs in my blog roll. I love the theme though – very clean and easy to follow. Her latest post is “The Safeword Dilemma” and I’m so glad that she wrote this well-thought-out post. She was right – I did miss this conversation taking place in other forums and I’m glad to have my attention drawn to the discussion.


In “Alex in Spankingland“, Alex tells about her adventures at a spanking party in “First Party: Final Chapter“. She mentions both a sjambok and a cricket bat being used. Very intriguing… Some good pics too.


Chross” has a very cute video posting called “Japanese Product Testing“. I love how he finds all these rare real life and mainstream spankings on video from around the world.

Hmm… instead of my spanking blog being “Chrossed”, I guess Chross just got “Quai-ed” 🙂


Devlin O’Neill’s Web Log” has a recent post – “Devlin Aloud – “Duet For Solo Baritone” – and then Loki posts a remix“. It not only contains audio of him reading an erotic spanking story, it also pointed me to a very cool re-mix created by Loki Renard in the post “Spanking R-Re-R-Remix!” This is so much fun and is a great example of the kind of content I’d love to broadcast once my web stream is available.


Dreams of Spanking” continues to produce regular, high-quality updates. I love how Pandora and company produce so much well-photographed and rich content.


This is Quai Franklin for “Spanking Discussion” and the coming soon, “Quai Franklin Radio”. Thanks for reading and listening.


About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

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