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Brown Leather Belt

Beth first noticed the brown leather belt in a drawer in the kitchen of her new in-laws. She and her husband, David, were visiting for the weekend; a break from their multi-state driving vacation. After their Friday night dinner together, Beth had gone into their kitchen to refill her iced tea and check into the dessert situation. She found a couple of different cakes and an apple pie. These brought a smile to her face as she knew they had more of David’s mom’s great food to look forward to.

Wanting to be helpful, she found dessert plates in the cabinets and then proceeded to look for forks to bring to the table also. Starting with the drawer at the end of the counter, closest to the back door, she opened it to find that it was a “miscellaneous” drawer containing a couple of screwdrivers (the dry kind), a notepad, and a rolled up brown leather belt. She closed the drawer because there was no flatware in it and proceeded to look into the other drawers, but the image of that belt stayed with her. Beth couldn’t stop thinking and wondering why it was there. It made no sense to keep a belt there. Did David’s father normally get dressed in their bath or bedroom and then put on his belt last… in the kitchen? That wouldn’t make sense. Besides, he was wearing a belt now. She was pretty certain. It was confusing.

Later, after the dinner and after the parentals went to sleep, David and Beth sat on the sofa watching a DVD together. She was snuggled up to him and he had his arm arm around her and they were sharing a bottle of cabernet. But Beth was having trouble focusing on the plot because the question of the belt still plagued her.

“David, can I ask you something?” Beth said.

“Sure,” David replied.

“I know this is going to sound like a weird question…” she continued.

“I love it when a question starts that way,” he smiled.

“When I was in the kitchen getting the dessert plates together, I saw this brown leather belt in a drawer…” she explained.

“Ah yes,” David smiled wryly.  “The belt.” He shook his head.

“What do you mean?” Beth asked.

“That’s the belt. That’s what my father used on my sister and me for punishment,” David explained.

Beth considered for a moment how heavy the belt had looked. It looked heavy, thick, and supple. She tried to imagine getting hit across her bottom with that thing. Ouch. Maybe they were allowed to keep their pants on…

“Yeah, we would get our sentence – like 50 licks or 80 licks. Then Dad would grab the belt out of that drawer and take us out to his carpenter’s shed. We’d have to pull our pants down and bend over his work bench,” David’s eyes had a far away look.

Beth rubbed and patted his thigh. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that. That must have hurt so much.”

David sighed, “Yes it did. The worst though was when my sister got in trouble with me and I had to see her whipped too. I felt so sorry for her…”

“I can imagine so,” Beth said. It must have been hard on his sister to watch him being whipped as well.

They continued watching the movie. Beth was better able to focus on the plot, having an answer to her small mystery. But thoughts of what David and his sister had had to endure kept returning to her. At one point she thought to ask David how old they were when they were getting these whippings. He told her that they started when he was 12 and his sister, Elaine, was 10. And the last time for him was 18, before he went to NCSU.

As Beth thought about this and about her own experience growing up, never having been spanked, she realized this was going to be a big area of difference between them. There would be parts of his experience she could never relate to and not be able to offer him comfort about. The more she thought about this, the more she realized she hated the idea of not being able to understand or relate in this way. It was only after she made the decision – a bit of a crazy decision, but one that had to be made – that she was able to again focus on the movie and relaxing with David.

The next day, the two couples enjoyed a lunch together of fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and cole slaw. The conversation, like the evening before, was relaxed and comfortable for the most part. David’s father, Norman, was jovial, somewhat old-fashioned, commanding, and had a witty sense of humor. His wife, Katherine, was warm and friendly, also a bit old-fashioned, but an independent thinker. Together they made good company for whomever they shared a meal with. David did notice though, that Beth and his father exchanged looks a couple of times during the meal. Knowing his father and his bride very well, he kept getting the impression that plans were afoot that he was not a part of.

In David’s estimation, Norman seemed to be looking at Beth for signs that she was sure of something. She seemed to give him a slight nod along with a slight smile.

Norman stood up a the end of the meal and said, “Katherine May, that was a scrumptious lunch as usual. Time to take care of some business though.”

Beth pushed out her chair and stood up as well.

“What’s going on? What’s happening?” David asked.

“Well, your wife is about to go out to the shed for a whipping. She’s getting 40 licks,” Norman said.

David was glad he didn’t have coffee in his mouth as he heard this. His eyes went wide in disbelief as he stammered, trying to think of appropriate questions.

“I want to do this. I need to do this,” Beth said, looking into David’s eyes.

Katherine patted David’s forearm in a calming gesture.

“But why?” David asked.

Beth sighed, “As I’ve mentioned before, I was never even spanked as a child. So this is an area I can’t understand or relate to. I can imagine what it feels like, but I would never know what it feels like.”

“But you haven’t done anything to…” David said, his naturally protective nature kicking into gear.

“Of course she hasn’t done anything,” Katherine said. “This isn’t going to be a punishment. She just wants to know what it feels like to get belted.”

“She just wants to be spanked like you or your sister,” Norman said to David.

David stood up and hugged Beth and kissed her. “Are you sure about this?”

Beth nodded.

Norman opened the drawer with the brown leather belt, took it out, and the four of them walked out to the shed. It was a neatly kept shed anyway, and Norman had gone into it that morning and made sure the workbench was clean and cleared of tools. He then laid the clean drop cloth over the bench.

Beth swallowed hard as she saw the bench before her. “I love my husband. I love my husband…” she silently repeated the mantra as she unbuckled her jeans and pulled them down to her knees. She then bent herself over the workbench surface. Katherine walked around to the side of the bench and leaned over it to hold down Beth’s outstretched arms. Beth’s panty-clad bottom was firm, round, and womanly, but still looked vulnerable and innocent.

Norman held one end of the belt and allowed it to unroll to it’s full length. He then doubled it over and took his position behind and to the left of Beth. David folded his arms and watched, as a storm of conflicting emotions flooded him. He fought his protective nature as he dealt with the memory of his inability to protect his sister from such treatment. And here was a woman who loved him and who volunteered to take this as a healing gesture and to make their relationship even stronger.

The first stroke of the belt struck Beth’s bottom squarely across the middle. She yelped and tried to stand up, now understanding why Katherine was there to hold her down. The second stroke hit her, she yelped again, jerked her head up and her eyes rolled up. Two strokes and already she’d had enough. If this is what David and Elaine had had to go through growing up, Beth had a new found respect for them both.

The strokes were now forming a steady rhythm – one about ever two or three seconds. After the 5th, Beth’s face formed a frown and she began moaning, the part of her buttocks visible below her bikini cut panties taking on an increasingly red hue. As the belt spanking continued, she began moving her hips around in a vain attempt to avoid the strokes, but with Katherine holding her down and the structure of the workbench limiting the movement of her hips as she bent over it, she had to take her spanking.

After about a dozen strokes tears were rolling down her blushing face. A lash of the belt would hit and she’d let out a crying “Owww! Please…” This kept going for most of the belting. Beth wasn’t even sure what she was asking “please” about, other than to show her some mercy. But they all knew that mercy would not really be mercy. It wouldn’t be truly representative of what David had gone through. Easing up on Beth’s spanking would only mean that this exercise would have been for naught. It would actually be disrespectful of her intention not to give her a fully severe whipping.

From outside the shed, the sounds of the belt striking nearly bare skin, followed by feminine crying and yelping got the next door neighbors wondering if Elaine had come home from college and had some bad grades to answer for.

As the count for the belting reached into the thirties, Beth was pounding the surface of the workbench with her fists, fully crying now, her eyes hazy and wet with tears. She knew two things at that point. She knew what it felt like to get an old-fashioned belt spanking with a belt on a nearly bare bottom. And she knew she never wanted to go through this again.

After the fortieth stroke, Norman began rolling up the belt again. Katherine allowed Beth to stand again. She danced in place rubbing her bottom and biting her lower lip. She then looked at David through squinting, wet eyes. David went to her and hugged her and helped her pull her pants back up. As her pants went over her hips, she winced and moaned.

Norman and Katherine quietly left to return to the house as David and Beth held each other. He stroked her her hair, kissed her gently on the forehead, and said, “I love you so much. Thank you.”

She nodded, unable yet to return to thinking clearly, and hugged him tighter.

About Quai Franklin

Thinking and writing about spanking and corporal punishment for over 40 years (since age 5). I explore the topic on an imaginative, intellectual, erotic and experimental perspective.

6 comments on “Brown Leather Belt

  1. Wow! What a great story! I’ve really got spanking fever now! Love your writing. 😀

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  3. ourbottomsburn

    An original story idea!

  4. ourbottomsburn

    An very original story idea!

  5. Peter

    Very sensual,I’m hard as a rock

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