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Quai Franklin – Clairvoyant 2 – An Obvious Question

The story begins here.

Derek Stevens watched as the twenty-something, fresh-faced Callie Rhodes gulped, her eyes widening as she watched his wife, Jenna, red-faced, tears streaming while being caned. He couldn’t see Jenna’s eyes because he was the one doing the caning, and was therefore deprived of the joys of seeing her face in the throes of her struggle with the pain. But he could observe Jenna’s client as she awaited her psychic advice from the “Spanked Psychic”. He could see how Callie’s sweet, dimpled face dealt with the absurdity of meeting with another person as that person was tied over a bench and being spanked. And then the waves of sympathy and empathy that caused Callie to grimace and bite her lip as if she were the one experiencing the caning, or was perhaps, next in line.

“Do you have a brother… Owww! … named Christopher?” Jenna asked, her voice tremulous with crying. Derek continued the steady swish-whack of the caning.

Callie nodded, “Yes… Well, I did. He died last year in Afghanistan.”

Jenna wore a short dress for these client sessions; one that presented a reputable business “front” and yet short enough to be pulled up over her hips as she was tied over the spanking block. Derek had worked out that with a bit stronger cane stroke and keeping up that steady pace of caning, he could still induce the psychic visions within Jenna and allow her to keep her underpants on for the sake of modesty.

“He… Ooohhh!… wants to give you a message. He says he… Ouch! … loves you very much and… Owww Owww! … look in the file box in the hall closet …. Mmmmph! … the one on the shelf you always had… Ow! … trouble reaching,” Jenna cry-spoke her visions, tears streaming down her the blushing cheeks of her face. She had learned quickly, not to wear makeup for these sessions.

“What does he want me to find there?” Callie asked. “Is it a good or bad thing? I need more detail.”

“Ouch!… He says that you’ll know when you see it,” Jenna replied.

The money Jenna was pulling in from her new business was quite good. She and Derek now had 6-year plan to retirement rather than a 20-year plan. But at times like this – at the end of a long afternoon of caning in front of clients, having her visions spanked out of her – she wondered if it was worth it. “Now”, she thought, “this bitch wants to ask a lot of follow-up questions. Gah!”

“Oh!” Callie said, “I know what he’s talking about. I looked for his rare coin collection for months after he died. Finally I gave up, and I had since forgotten… I can’t believe it! This is wonderful news… ”

“Enough!” Jenna cried out, interrupting and startling Callie.

“Sorry,” Jenna continued. “It’s my safe word.” Derek had stopped the caning and left her strapped onto the spanking bench. He picked up a tube of lotion, rubbed it between his palms and began rubbing it over Jenna’s deeply red striped, and bruised bottom. She winced and frowned wishing she could rub her bottom. She would have been more gentle than Derek was being. He seemed to be treating her pain as if it were routine. Of course, it was.

Having given their client the information she wanted, received her Visa payment for the service, and closed down their work computers, Derek and Jenna relaxed on the sofa and put on some videos. She had put her hair up in a pony tail and wore a baby doll nightie as she lay across his lap. This was the time of day that after an afternoon of caning, she could have her bottom pampered instead of punished (although there was the occasional spank or twenty that Derek couldn’t help but give her).

“This seems like an obvious question,” Derek said. “Why don’t we use your powers to get rich? I mean… this is really not some moralistic TV show or movie where you have some kind of arbitrary restriction placed on you to keep you from taking advantage of your obvious advantage.”

“True,” Jenna said. “One problem though.”

“What’s that?”

“I need a person to concentrate on, not an inanimate thing, like an investment or a market,” she continued.

“Do you mean… What if you had a person to focus on? Someone rich? Someone who knew how to make money and you had them at your disposal?” Derek prodded.

“Well I suppose if that were the case… Wait. What are you thinking about?” Jenna asked and tried to push herself up from his lap.

He pushed her back down.

“Relax,” Derek said, “I’m just thinking out loud.”

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