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Story: “Tiff for Taft – Aftermath” – Audio Included

Download here (section of “The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 2“):

The story begins here.

Andra was hit with a wall of emotions as she watched her daughter, Tiffany, walk out of the house and slam the door. She couldn’t understand why it hadn’t occurred to her earlier, before she and her husband spanked their 18-year-old daughter 100 times with a belt, that she would not only leave, but probably she would stay away for a considerable length of time. Andra had not had the closure of a goodbye talk and hug, knowing that Tiff would be moving to university within months. Rather than waiting, her daughter would now immediately move in with Spencer.

Andra didn’t know how they might ever heal the certain rift that would now be between them. ‘If only parents could be more forgiving in these situations…” Andra thought. She recalled the last spanking she received at home, twenty-four years earlier when she was a senior in high school. Much like what happened with Tiffany, her transgression had involved being discovered “parking” at a local mall. A late night police patrol had discovered her and her boyfriend Jack at the time, Andra with her top off and Jack with his pants down, not as invisible as they thought they were in the back seat of his tinted-windows car. The officer, in checking their ID, discovered that Jack was 21 while Andra was only 17. He had threatened to hall Jack in for a statutory rape charge unless Andra provided her parents’ phone number so he could call them and tell them what he’d discovered their daughter doing. Andra’s father had not appreciated being woken up after midnight to find out that his daughter was out without permission and half-naked with a boy in the back of a car in some parking lot. And Andra’s mom was not any happier when he called her to tell her. Although they were divorced, they still cooperated well when it came to looking after Andra.

Andra’s father had picked her up at their local police precinct and used the drive there and back to calm down. He wanted to be calm when he spanked his daughter and so focused on the big picture of what he hoped their long-term relationship to be like. If he spanked her in anger and yelled at her, he knew there would be a lasting resentment on her part. Besides, he could tell by the look of fear and shame in her face, that she knew what she did was wrong.

When he got her back to the house, he sat her down on the living room sofa and had a very brief talk with her.

“Andra, I love you,” he started, “but you know what you did is wrong.”

Andra nodded.

He said nothing else, but proceeded to firmly but gently pull Andra by the shoulders over his lap. He sat in the middle of the sofa so that her upper body could rest on his left and her knees were on the cushion to his right. Grasping her around the waist, he pulled up her mini-dress and began spanking Andra’s panty-clad bottom. Having calmed down, he spanked her just hard enough to get an ‘ouch!’ and a jerking up of her head at each spank. He counted the strokes as he delivered them, just loud enough for Andra to know what the count was.

Andra’s ‘ouch’s’ gradually became moaning and then crying as the count went past 50. Because she had never received more than 50 spanks in one session before, she looked back over her shoulder at her father with tear-streaked cheeks and asked, “Isn’t that enough? How many more?”

“I’m doubling it this time,” he answered. “I thought to triple it, but after this I’m taking you to your mother’s and let her deal with you as well.”

Andra knew there was no point in trying to beg off this, so she put her head back down resolved to take this. He hadn’t yelled at her and he wasn’t trying to make her feel even more guilty than she already felt. She was simply being punished and just had to get through it. Andra could and would pound her fists on the sofa cushion as much as she needed to in order to get through this long spanking.

After it was finally over, her father helped her sit up, hugged her and then left the room for a few minutes while she composed herself. Then he took her over to her mother’s house. There she would face getting a paddling with her mom’s sorority paddle on an already sore bottom. Bent over the foot of the bed, she would get 20 swats, each one like a spanking of it’s own. Fortunately for Andra, her mom had known the kind of pain that paddle could deliver, and allowed her plenty of time between swats to cry, rub her bottom, and then resume the position for the next stroke.

By the end of her punishment, Andra realized she no longer felt any guilt about what happened, having been thoroughly punished. She slept that night on her stomach, but slept soundly all night, awash in endorphins.


Spencer and Tiffany awoke as the morning sun streamed in through their bedroom window. Their intense, passionate love-making the night before left them feeling deeply satisfied and even more in love than before. There was something about having come through the adrenalin rush of having been caught making out at her parents’ home and Tiffany’s subsequent belting, that made the whole thing sexy and romantic. They had occasion to see themselves as many young couples would like to perceive themselves – as the modern Romeo and Juliet or Bonnie and Clyde.

But there was something more fascinating and dark involved. Spencer could not ignore the fact that he had been aroused by knowing she had been belted, and in fact had heard part of it over the phone when he’d called back to inquire about his wallet. He turned over onto his left side to face Tiffany as she lay in spoon position on her left side. He put his arm around her and kissed and nibbled her ear lobe. She smiled and moaned with pleasure. He traced a hand down across her right breast, stopping to tweak the nipple, then continuing on down to her hips. There, in the light of the morning, he saw the fading bruises across her bottom and felt a dark stirring within – sexual arousal combined with this disturbing feeling that he wanted to spank her already bruised bottom.

Tiffany was becoming more aroused at the same time, but not just because of Spencer’s attention to her nipples and body in general, but the fact that his hand was now resting on her bottom. The soreness and sting from her belting was no more, but she still felt some lingering ache from her bruises. She found her self wanting to re-awaken that pain however. She had this disturbing and inexplicable feeling that she wanted Spencer’s hand to raise up and come down hard on her bottom. Following that thought, she began imagining herself lying over his lap and being spanked. ‘This is ridiculous,’ she thought. ‘I’m a grown woman.’

“Morning, Tiff,” Spencer said, rubbing her bottom.

“Good morning, lover,” Tiffany said, sounding very sophisticated in her mind.

“How’s your bottom today? I see they left some bruises…” he said.

Tiffany swallowed. Being asked about it made her feel loved and taken care of as well as even more aroused that his attention was focused on her bottom and it’s bruises and pain level.

“It’s okay,” she said. “There’s still some soreness… from the bruises…”

Spencer wanted to say something about one of the reasons he asked – that being that he wanted to spank her again himself because it was so arousing. But how could he ever say that?

Tiffany stopped herself from saying that it would be okay if he wanted to spank her. How crazy would that sound, the morning after she ran away from her parents’ home because they had spanked her? Still, she wanted it…

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