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The Story – “Tiff for Taft – Brand Spanking New Path”

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The story begins here.

Spencer and Tiffany made the decision together that Tiffany should seek a Summer job in order to earn book money and spending money while she was in college in the Fall. At that time they thought it best for her not to work and to focus on her education. So this morning she began selecting her job-seeking clothes to wear. She wanted her look to be casual, yet professional enough to make her stand out above the many other students of Summer seeking temporary jobs. Tiffany also tried to avoid taking too much advantage of being a pretty blonde girl. But then again, it was a fact of her life, and in some situations could be taken as a detriment.

Having found a suitable blouse, Tiffany chose a pair of slacks from among several she’d laid out on the bed. She stretched herself across the bed to pick the pair up. The reach put her center of gravity out beyond its tipping point, and she fell onto the surface of the bed with her legs outstretched behind her. Laughing at her own clumsy moment, she remained there for a moment, taking the opportunity to rest. Tiff thought about how funny it might look for Spencer to see her there now in this position. It might look like she was bent over the bed for the purpose of a spanking.

She thought for a moment what it might be like to actually take a spanking from Spencer. Could he actually do that to her? Would she accept it? Why would he do it? The sex they had after she had been belt-spanked by her parents had been mind-blowing for them both. So why not try to re-create the experience on purpose?

Tiffany tried imagining for a moment what it might actually feel like. She pictured Spencer walking in the door and taking off his belt, with her bending over the end of the bed in nothing but a shirt and panties. What would she have done to deserve it though? Would she have had to do something to deserve it? Perhaps he would spank her just because she asked him to. That seemed doubtful to Tiffany, knowing Spencer the way she does. He was too compassionate and caring to just hurt her that way. No, she would have to have done something.

Tiffany resolved to work out a way to earn punishment from him at a later time. For the moment, she envisioned him folding his wide, heavy leather belt in two and beginning to whip her with it. She knew what it felt like to be belted and could imagine the building sting and ache in her bottom. It would be a very different experience though, getting belted by a man she was so attracted to and in love with.

She jerked her hips forward and ground herself into the mattress as she imagined each stinging lash of the belt. Counting the imagined strokes with a soft whisper, Tiff would say a number and then pretend to cry out as she also writhed her hips. She knew if he spanked her with the belt long enough, she would cry. What would he think about that? Would he be able to live with his woman crying due to something he did?

Tiffany knew he would be aroused by seeing her bottom and legs as she bent over the bed. The more he spanked her, the more she would wriggle and grind, and the more aroused Spencer would become. She imagined he would want to stop the whipping early in order to satisfy his arousal with her. Wouldn’t he? That damned integrity again… Maybe he wouldn’t stop early. No, he would go on and finish her punishment, even if she were very red back there and crying.

“Meanie,” she said, pouting and pretending to cry as she continued to grind against the bed.

“Who’s a meanie?” Spencer asked, having walked into the room. He smiled, seeing his girlfriend bent over the bed, one arm stretched out in front of her and the other seemingly tucked between her legs.

Thoroughly embarrassed, Tiffany stood up as quickly as possible. Her face was almost as red as she had imagined her bottom to be a second ago.

Thinking fast she said, “My slacks. They’re being mean by being all the way over there on the other side of the bed, out of my reach.” She giggled nervously.

“Oh,” said Spencer smiling, “I see. You know when I walked in, it looked almost like you were pretending you were getting spanked.”

“Oh.. hmmm… well that’s funny,” Tiffany said and began pulling on her slacks, lest the couple should find themselves in an embrace and one thing leading to another and Spencer discovering how wet she was.

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Singer/songwriter, spanko/kinkster, fiction writer, philosopher, and discussion provocateur. I publish and broadcast independent voices you want to hear.

2 comments on “The Story – “Tiff for Taft – Brand Spanking New Path”

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  2. Sadey Quinn

    ha. this made me cringe for her embarrassment. 🙂

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