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The Story – “Tiff for Taft – Tiff Takes A Chance”

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From: “The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 6“)

The story begins here.

Tiffany examined and re-examined what had happened in the bedroom when she’d been embarrassed to be caught by Spencer while she pretended to get spanked and had started to masturbate. She felt it was natural to be embarrassed at being “caught in the act”, but there was something more to it. In fact there were several more “things” to it. First of all what did Spencer mean by saying it looked like exactly what it was? The nerve of him actually seeing through her subterfuge and straight into her mind. What made his mind go to seeing that she was pretending to be spanked rather than pretending to be fucked, which could result in the same movements of her body? And why was her embarrassment also resulting in a sense of relief?

Tiffany mulled these things over in her mind as she went through the motions of her day, filling out applications and searching through the classifieds. Throughout her day she kept seeing situations in which she imagined someone should be spanked, and it was usually her, but often it was other women. And as a proud feminist, she was beginning to feel a sense of guilt about that. Her guilt was fighting her yearning to be spanked, which was fighting her desire to feel “normal” again. The status of that fight was that her craving to get spanked was winning. It was winning over the guilt and shame and her feminist principles.

So naturally she reached the conclusion that something must be psychologically wrong with her. But she knew they couldn’t afford to have her go see a psychologist. And a part of her, the kinky core within, was quietly, but insistently saying that it didn’t want to be exorcised. It wanted to live and live within her. What question remained for Tiffany, was how to talk to Spencer about it. She was nervous about this prospect, but not as nervous as she might have been had she not remembered the gleam in his eyes as he told her that her fantasized spanking had looked like a spanking. Could it be possible that Spencer shared her desire? Would he want to spank her? How could she ever ask him that?

In the evening they were both home at the apartment having a supper of pasta and salad. Tiffany had not resolved the question of how to bring up her desire for spanking to Spencer yet, but she had decided to seduce him, reasoning that once they were both highly aroused, it would be simpler and easier to naturally introduce spanking into their sexual play. She might yet find herself over his knees getting spanked before the night was over. That thought thrilled her and made her nervous to the core.

It turned out that wearing the jean mini-skirt and the button-down white shirt, open several buttons down combined with Tiffany’s locking eyes with Spencer and keeping her lips slightly parted, did the trick and Spencer found himself in just the right mood to pay his girl friend some erotic attention. Supper plates were left on the table as the couple found themselves kissing and groping and fondling in ways that were familiar to each of them, but was energized by a new sense of knowing. What it was they each knew was uncertain, but whatever it was was powerful and they simply wanted to embrace and ride it and ingest it’s life force.

Tiffany assumed one of her and Spencer’s favorite positions, with him sitting back on the sofa and her straddling him, facing him. She had left her skirt on, but hiked it up and taken off her panties. Her shirt was left on as well, but completely unbuttoned and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Spencer was at this point pants-less and eagerly anticipating pushing himself inside her. Tiffany held onto his shoulders and neck and eased her wet pussy onto the tip of his hard cock and then pulled back, teasing him. She did this again… and again… and by the third time Spencer was considering just pulling her onto himself to stop the teasing. He wanted to be inside her so intensely, he could hardly stand it.

Tiffany took her opportunity and said, smiling mischievously, “Don’t you think I’m so bad sometimes? What do you want to do to me?”

He looked her in the eyes and said, “I want to just take you. I want to make you do what I want you to do.”

She understood why he would say that and so adjusted her language, “Don’t you want to punish me somehow?” She pouted, but resisted the impulse to put her index finger in her mouth. Even in the midst of her intense combination of arousal and nerves, she recognized that there was such a thing as going overboard with hints.

He nodded the answer to her question. Taking the nod as a yes, she un-straddled him and lay herself across his lap, reaching back behind her to pull up her mini-skirt. Seeing that she obviously seemed to be asking for a spanking, Spencer was then caught up in his own set of dilemmas. Did she really want to be spanked? How hard should he spank her? What if she was just joking around and he actually did smack her bottom hard enough for it to hurt? That could ruin things in several ways…

So he asked, “Do you really want me to spank you or something?”

Tiffany looked back and up at him, frowning, “Well, don’t you want to?”

She didn’t exactly say yes, and he was getting the impression that she thought that’s what he wanted and that’s why she was doing this. Was it because of his having told her he thought she was pretending to be spanked the other day? If she’s not into that, that must have seemed pretty weird to her….

Unsure of what she wanted to hear, Spencer said, “I guess I do want to…”

Tiffany began pushing herself up off of his lap, the moment, the mood, and the magic fading quickly. She reasoned that she must have guessed wrong about Spencer. He must have been contemplating spanking her only because he thought that’s what she wanted…

She sat down next to him and buried her face in her hands.

“Tiffany, darling. What’s going on?” Spencer said. “Talk to me.”

“I’m so embarrassed. I’m an idiot,” Tiffany said.

“No, you’re not. Just trust me… please… and tell me what’s going on with you. I’m sure I’ll understand, but we’ve got to be honest with each other I think,” Spencer said, soothingly.

Tiffany turned to look Spencer in the eyes for a moment, searching for something there that would reassure her that she could share this dark and inexplicable feeling. She didn’t dare hope that he shared the same feelings, but simply hoped he would still love her and that things wouldn’t turn weird in their relationship. She saw his love and his intention to understand and maybe some flicker of hope…

“Spencer, I don’t know what’s going on with me. Ever since that day I left home… After the spanking… We made love and it was so hot,” Tiffany said.

Spencer smiled, stroked her hair and nodded in agreement.

“I keep thinking about getting spanked, but by you. And I just don’t know how to ask you. And you’re going to think I’m some kind of pervert or something… And I’m scared you’re gonna..”

She was interrupted by Spencer pressing two fingers to her lips.

“Shhh…” he said. “It’s okay. I hear you.”

He pulled her closer to himself and caressed the side of her face.

“I’ve been dealing with the same thing lately. I felt so ashamed of myself. I’d overheard you getting spanked when I called about my wallet. Knowing about it… the sound of it… just really got me going. I got so turned on. But I couldn’t deal with that or say anything because you were suffering so much,” Spencer explained.

Tiffany turned her body more to face him, putting her hands on his lap.

“So what you’re saying is that it’s okay because we’re both fucked up?” she asked, shaking her head.

“No, Tiff. I’m not saying that at all,” Spencer continued. “I’m just saying we are in the same boat, but maybe there’s a different way to look at this situation. I mean for one thing, we’ve somehow found each other. There’s a reason to be grateful. We could have ended up in relationships where we had these desires, but our partners didn’t understand at all.”

Tiffany nodded, thinking.

“Also, I bet there are probably support groups or something out there… I mean in this Internet age, there are groups for everything. Right?” Spencer asked.

“I suppose you’re right,” Tiffany said, “but I’m not sure I’d want to be part of one of those groups. Who knows what kind of people we’d have to deal with there.”

“Good point, but we won’t know until we check it out,” said Spencer. “You know… I have a friend at work who I respect and I’ve gotten good advice from. And he’s made some comments that I’m kind of seeing differently now in light of this… I should see what he thinks.”

“Do you trust him enough to tell him about us?” Tiffany asked.

“Maybe… he seems very trustworthy. But I’ll probably just put it in hypothetical terms and see where it goes from there… how he reacts to it,” Spencer said.

Tiffany sighed and her whole body relaxed as she leaned back against Spencer again.

“I’m so glad to have you in my life right now,” she said.

Spencer wrapped an arm around her abdomen and gave her a gentle squeeze.

“I love you, Tiff. You can always count on that. I don’t know what’s about to happen with us, but whatever it is, we’ve got each other,” Spencer said, grinning.

Tiffany smiled wryly and rolled her eyes up at him, “Don’t!”

“We’ve got each other,” he continued, “and that’s a lot for love. We give it a shot.”

“No!” Tiffany exclaimed and began pounding her fists onto his legs.

“Woah woah, we’re half way there. Woah woah, living on a prayer…” he couldn’t continue as they were both laughing now as Tiffany continued mock beating him up and repeating “No no no no!”

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