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Dreams Of Spanking: Texan Discipline (Paddling)

I’ve been fascinated with paddling since I was a kid and realized (without knowing the word) that I was a spankophile. I grew up in a time and in a region where school paddlings were de rigueur. And I’m not proud of this, but I used to hope to see the pretty girls in my classes get themselves into trouble.

It looks like Pandora Blake has gotten herself “in a fix” here with Jerry Diamond.

From Dreams of Spanking by Pandora Blake and company…

Pandora and Jerry Diamond discuss consequences…


… and Jerry has decided to give Pandora a good, old-fashioned Texas paddling.

Pandora bends over for the paddle as Amelia looks on, fascinated


Of course, Jerry is clearly a gentleman and decides that Pandora’s intrigued friend Amelia should not be unfairly excluded from the experience….

Amelia is not left out of the fun


The delicious denouement of all great spankings includes the rubbing of sore bottoms and uncomfortable sitting afterwards…

Sitting gingerly… priceless 🙂



What would life have been like if these two had been in my class back at school and I could have witness them getting paddled? Would I have tried to make friends in hopes that they would talk to me and share the details of what they went through?


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This entry was posted on 2012/08/23 by in corporal punishment, erotica, journal, paddling, spanking.

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