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Big Bang Theory Spanking – Playing Devil’s Advocate

I’ll start by saying that “Big Bang Theory” is one of my favorite shows ever.  I love it for so many reasons, not the least of which is that I’m a proud nerd/geek.  (My understanding of the difference between a nerd and a geek is primarily that nerds are socially awkward whereas geeks are obsessively focused on a particular arcane subject. I’m a spanking geek and a nerd in general.)

But yes, “Big Bang Theory” is one of my favorite shows ever and it is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful that they took the bold step of portraying a consensual spanking scene in a romantic contest.  Yay them!  And our great luck as a spanko audience.

But I have to play devil’s advocate on a couple of items…

One: I’m just going to say it. The spanking was lame, weak, and lame. It was lame. There, I said it. Someone had to say it and I haven’t seen or heard anyone else saying it. But I understand it’s still an important milestone and I have faith that these types of scenes will get better over time.  Such scenes might even come from ‘Big Bang Theory”. Let’s hope so.

Two: Why was it not Penny, who is obviously one of the most spankable women on TV and clearly the better candidate for spanking on the show. To me it’s very clear that Amy is sincere and means well, although Penny is a bit rambunctious, sarcastic, and much in need of taking in hand.  (Although, now that I think about it, I’m not sure that Leonard is capable of being a Top… Perhaps there’s a tiger within him.)  But I’m afraid you’re not going to like what I think is the reason Penny’s character wasn’t chosen.  They didn’t choose her because she’s too pretty (in a popular aesthetic kind of way), so the spanking would be too obviously sexual and titillating.  Now,  I’m not sure why I think this, but this is what my intuition is telling me – that if the scene were more sexy, I’m thinking some combination of the advertisers, producers, feminists, etc might not like the message a Penny spanking would send. I imagine they wouldn’t like the way it changed the “character” of the show. So we, the spanko audience, have to be short-changed because of this aesthetic bias. And it is biased of course because implicit in this strategy is that someone who looks like Penny is more desirable sexually than someone who looks like Amy. This is not a great message either.

I’d love to be proven wrong on this, so let me have the evidence that my theory is untrue.

I suppose the lesson is, however, that the right character ought to get spanked and the right spanker ought to do the spanking.


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3 comments on “Big Bang Theory Spanking – Playing Devil’s Advocate

  1. Kim Lyons

    I like the ‘big bang theory’ also, I feel they can only go so far on TV though, I think they chose Amy because she is sort of kinky, and has a b/f who is not very physical. Amy was sick and enjoyed the attention of getting her chest rubbed and being bathed, and when Sheldon found out she wasn’t sick the spanking was rather hot as a punishment, he did give it to Amy harder than at 1st which was to her enjoyment, I feel if it hadn’t been TV it would have been a bare bottom spanking to add to her punishment and or enjoyment. Yes of course we would love see Penny get her sweet bottom spanked,I would hope as Amy thinks Penny is hot also that perhaps she would show Penny how she got spanked by spanking Penny.

  2. We enjoy watching Big Bang Theory. Somehow we missed the Amy Gets Spanked show. I thought Amy was the perfect female from the show to get spanked. You’re right about Penny’s character being too sexual to be the spankee. Bernadette, I think was passed over for the same reason. Amy is the last female regular on the show you would think of receiving and enjoying a spanking. Kinda like the secret so many of us have. Most of those who know us probably wouldn’t believe that we enjoy it either. Just my two cents worth.

    • Quai Franklin

      Great point. There is that element of unpredictability to the choice of Amy. And that kind of thing does amp up the comic value. Thanks for pointing this out 🙂

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