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Where have you been, Freestar?

Ren, my wife, submissive, and soul mate writes about her time away from her blog. I’m so glad she posted this because it’s prompting me to write about my unannounced hiatus from writing and recording from my blogs. That hiatus is coming to a close as I find myself again. Stay tuned for more on that…


Damn good question.

It’s not that I run out of things to say, contemplate, comment on, etc.  It’s just that I withdraw now and then.  There are a few names I could probably give it that would give my excuses some kind of clinical legitimacy but that’s just so much noise between me and the question, so here’s my best answer.  I withdrew. I’m back.  Maybe I can use my “creative license” and just call it the artist’s ebb and flow.   I like that more than the word depression, although the word itself is benign enough; the stigma is not.  But the NOW is where I’m paying my focus today and right now I’m neither depressed nor withdrawn, nor even particularly stressed.  That’s pretty impressive for the week before Christmas with a full week of gigs.

I love performing, and often it’s healing, but sometimes it takes more emotional and…

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