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Safe Return

Parker sat on the low wall in front of his porch and watched as the black van rolled up and parked on the street. One man, dressed entirely in black and his head covered by a ski mask, got out of the front passenger side and released the latch on the long side door. From within the van Sandra emerged, helped out by the man in black as she had her hands tied behind her back and was blind folded. 

As soon as the man loosened and removed Sandra’s blindfold her eyes met Parker’s and they locked. The love between them was apparent to anyone within eyesight and made one feel slightly uncomfortable in the intimate power of that love. His face took on a stern tone and hers a resigned and remorseful expression as an overlay to the love. 

Parker thought about how much her abduction had frightened him at the thought of the possibility of losing her forever and how it all had been avoidable if she’d only followed his instructions.Sandra considered for the moment which was worse – the guilt she felt for having put him in the situation of having to pay her ransom or the long, painful spanking she assumed she would receive tonight.

Parker tossed the bag of cash to the man in black. He picked it up, partially unzipped it, and peaked inside. Once he was satisfied that the cash was real, he cut the zip tie that bound her wrists behind her back. He then pushed her forward, hopped into the van, and the van sped away. At the same time Parker walked towards Sandra quickly, purposefully. She started to back away before thinking better of it. Where would she go anyway? He grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her to him and embraced her tightly.

After holding her long enough for her to begin to melt in his arms, he brushed aside a tendril of her loosely curled brunette hair and looked her deeply in the eyes. He never said a word. She started to say something and he pressed a finger across her lips, silencing her. She mouthed the words “I’m sorry.”

He picked her up and tossed her onto his shoulder, walking back into the house. Once inside, he put her down and closed the front door.Parker then grasped her by her left wrist and practically dragged her to the sofa where he sat down and pulled her over his lap. He smoothed his right hand over her upturned bottom and grasped the remote to their DVD player with the other. He pressed “play” and the film “Barefoot In The Park” began to play.

He pulled Sandra’s skirt up and pulled her panties down to her upper thighs, revealing her firm round bottom. Sandra swallowed hard and looked back over her shoulder at Parker. She knew then that he intended to spank her through the length of the film. It was the first movie they ever saw together and became a touchstone for them through the yen years they had been together. 

Parker began spanking Sandra on her bare bottom, the spanks landing hard enough to be punishing but not torturous. The slapping sound of the spanks mixed with the chorus of ouches and ow’s from Sandra, her head jerking up each time Parker’s wide muscular hands spanked into her ass cheeks.

But she was only giving voice to the pain and not complaining. She knew she deserved every painful spank and that she would take it like a woman until the end of the movie when her butt would be fiery red and bruised and her face wet with tears.

This was their way, the only way to move past this incident and the best way for him to show her true love and compassion.

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Singer/songwriter, spanko/kinkster, fiction writer, philosopher, and discussion provocateur. I publish and broadcast independent voices you want to hear.

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