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Tender Tiger

“That’s the woman I told you about,” Teresa said to David, subtly not pointing towards the hallway which lead to the front entrance. David tried to glance over in the woman’s direction with as much nonchalance as he could muster considering what he knew of her story. “That’s Leslie.”

Teresa began walking towards Leslie, who’d adorned her curvy, pear-shaped body with a fun little summer dress that could almost be said to ‘flounce’. But the dress never quite flounced quite enough for those who wanted to see more of her womanly legs.

As Teresa came closer to where Leslie was greeting and hugging everyone who happened to be in that area of the party, she nudged David and said to him under hear breath, “Remember, don’t ention-may the anking-spay.”

He was confused for a moment and blurted out, confused, “Anking-spay?”

Teresa continued barreling forward as if she had no idea others had heard her husband say that out loud. She’d never wished or prayed so hard that no one could understand pig Latin. However, she would have been disappointed as there were several other guests nearby with odd smiles on their faces.

David watched Teresa greet and hug Leslie, his mind wondering for a moment whether their breasts touched when they did that, and if so, did it make them feel awkward… He might have to devise some sort of experiment… He resolved to think about that another time.

In the mean time he half-listened as Teresa, Leslie, and Anne began catching up on their time at Sacred Blue Academy – the girls school they attended for pre-college prep. The famous story he was not supposed to ask about or even indicate that he knew anything about, involved not just a spanking, but a series of spankings that Leslie had endured in an heroic attempt to save her best friends from punishment.

Teresa had told him on the way to Anne’s house for this party, as just a means to pass the time with a laugh. She told him how they all had decided that analytical geometry was never going to help them in their planned futures and so it wouldn’t harm anyone to devise a cheating scheme and take the “A” grade they were so entitled to by… some standard.. perhaps the “life is oh so fair” standard.

They had worked out a detailed plan and were executing it regularly when testing times came. They were always “prepared” and always did well. In fact, they did a little too well and aroused suspicions, apparently, because they were soon caught and exposed. They knew they would either get expelled or get a hell of a caning, perhaps 24 strokes each, so it was going to be a bad couple of days all around.

But to Anne and Teresa’s surprise, Leslie spoke privately with their math teacher and the headmistress and convinced them that it was all her idea and even volunteered to take their licks for them. Her case was convincing enough so that Anne and Teresa only received 12 strokes for having participated in the cheating scheme. Leslie was to receive the maximum number allowed under school rules – 30.

The punishments were carried out in the headmistress’ office in the evening, due to the fact that the girls were going to be made to bend over her desk and have their skirts raised. They each took their turn, watched by the other two with nothing to do but anticipate the pain they would experience when it was their turn. Teresa went first, then Anne. Leslie was last. The other two rub their bottoms ruefully as they watched Leslie take over twice what they had just taken. Whereas 7 or 8 strokes was all it took to make their eyes water and begin to formulate pleas for mercy, Leslie simply sucked in her breath at each stroke, her eyes squinting as she processed the pain. However, even Leslie couldn’t stop tears after 24 strokes.

Teresa had related how grateful they were for her sacrifice, but as it turns out she was not done being self-sacrificial. It had dawned on Leslie, like it was dawning on Anne and Teresa that their parents would be notified of this punishment and its cause and that would mean another spanking when they got home. While Teresa and Anne simply worried their way home, Leslie was busy calling each of their parents and explaining that it was all her responsibility and that she had gotten the other girls to go along by threatening them.

So instead of spanking their girls when they reached home, those parents called Leslie’s parents and warned them about the wicked ways of their daughter. And according to what Leslie told them the next day, she’d gotten the most severe strapping of her life. Her parents used an 18 inch razor strop and she’d had to bend over the side of her bed with her dress pulled up and take 150 strokes each from her mother and father.

David was about to meet this legend and he wondered if he dared hope that he might hear details of the story in the woman’s own words. He also wondered how many questions he would end up holding back for fear of creeping her out.

“Leslie,” Teresa said, “This is my husband, David.”

Teresa elbowed him into closing his mouth and extending his hand-shaking hand.

“Nice to beat you,” he said.

“What?” Leslie asked, not sure what she’d heard. Teresa rolled her eye and shut them tight.

“Meet you. Meet you,” David said. “I have a cold.”

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Singer/songwriter, spanko/kinkster, fiction writer, philosopher, and discussion provocateur. I publish and broadcast independent voices you want to hear.

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  1. Renee Rose

    Giggle. Nice to beat you. 🙂

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