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Granny sat in her basement rocking chair, sipping from a glass of iced tea as she watched Jethro taking his turn at learning how to properly switch a girl. Earlier he and Granny and Ellie Mae had captured this lieutenant from their local rival club, specializing in illegal alcohol sales. Ever since they had started selling their “Bare Moon Shine”, Granny had seen her sales of “Corn Squeezings” falling off. Then this gang of motorcycle riding girls had the audacity to publicly make fun of Granny’s Corn Squeezings.

Finally enough was just enough. Granny decided she had to teach one of those girls, particularly a high-ranking one a lesson in respect. They had found out one of the places that were frequented by the girls (or the Grrrrls as they named themselves), lay in wait, and captured one at the point of a shotgun.

Now this cute, but scappy, curvy blond lay face-down over a bench in the basement of the Clampett mansion, tied there with thick rope wrapped around her torso and the bench. Her wrists were tied together and secured to the bench in front of her. Another set of ropes secured her ankles to the other end of the bench. Her buttocks were left free of course in order to receive the very long switching she was now receiving.

Granny had started her out, giving her a hundred or so moderate strokes with the three-foot long willow switch she had had Jethro cut for the occasion. The blonde had tried to be tough at first, but now she was just crying and asking why a lot and promising to do anything…

Granny had handed the switch to Jethro to use on her in the hopes that he would become better at this task. She was grooming him to become chief of security in her operation and was determined to have him be good at punishment. If he was going to help enforce discipline, he’d have to be a good whipper. And the switch was as good a place to start as any.

The girl’s bottom was, at this point covered in red stripes and bruises and she was crying like a punished young girl.

“Jethro, ” Granny asked. “How many have you give her so far? You been countin’?”

He stopped the switching for a moment and mopped his brow with a little hand towel. “Oh about 150 I recon… ”

“Okay,” Granny continued. “See there. Look at how she’s got most of her bruises on one side.”

Granny waited while Jethro inspected the girl’s ass.

“Yeah, Granny,” he said.

“So now I want you to go around and whip the same amount from the other side,” said Granny. “Even her out.”

“No! Please no!” said the girl, understanding that she was about to get another 150 more strokes of the switch. She was confused about what was happening and didn’t know their goal. They hadn’t even asked her any questions.

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Singer/songwriter, spanko/kinkster, fiction writer, philosopher, and discussion provocateur. I publish and broadcast independent voices you want to hear.

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This entry was posted on 2013/05/13 by in corporal punishment, erotica, short_story, spanking.

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