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The Headmaster – Chapter 2

Sandra Matthews’ over the knee spanking began at 8:00pm, coinciding with the start of her parents’ favorite sitcom – “How I Married Your Mother”.
She started out laying across her father’s lap as he sat on the sofa. She hugged a pillow against her neck and face. He raised her school skirt up, exposing her panty-clad bottom and began spanking her.

He didn’t have to spank hard at all in order for Sandra’s already punished bottom to feel truly punished all over again. As each spank landed, first on her left butt cheek and then on her right, her head would jerk up and she would mewl into the pillow. Her mother, who relaxed in the recliner now, had given Sandra strict instructions not to cry too loudly during the show or they’d have to wait till after 8:30 to spank her and then they’d go ahead and use the belt…

All she had to do for now was to take the punishing spanking and just cry quietly. This sucked for her too, because she wouldn’t even be able to see the show very well because of the haze of her tears.

The first commercial break did not come too soon for Sandra. Her parents had agreed on using commercial breaks to make sure Sandra was hydrated with enough water consumption to endure her long punishment. Sandra, through a haze of tears and a veil of endorphins, slowly pushed herself up into a standing position, where she then rubbed her butt with her left hand and wiped tears with her right hand.

Her father volunteered to get this round of refreshments for everyone. He handed Sandra the ice water, his wife an iced tea, and he drank hot tea. Sandra drank the water thirstily and sniffled some.

With a pleading look in her eyes she asked them, “Could you please let me off of the rest of my spanking? I’ve been really punished here and I swear… I swear that I won’t do it again. Please….”

Her parents looked at one another and semi-shrugged. Her mom said, “Commercial is just about over. It’s my turn to spank her.”

She sat down and pulled Sandra down to lie across her lap. She pulled up Sandra’s skirt up and her panties down to the top part of her thighs.

“Hey!” Sandra said. “No fair!”

“Look,” her mom said, “You’re father won’t do this to you because he’s embarrassed to. But I’m not. I’m not trying to embarrass you. This will just make sure you feel it.”

‘She has to be fucking kidding,’ thought Sandra.

“He’s not looking,” she continued.

Sandra looked up to see her father staring squarely and fixedly at the TV.

And so the rest of Sandra’s spanking commenced. She found herself needing to grab the pillow even harder to her mouth in order to muffle her cries. This third spanking was really making it difficult to have a good day.

Unbeknownst to the family now engaged in an entertainment / punishment mash-up, their next door neighbor’s son, who had a massive crush on Sandra, was able to peer through a gap in the curtains of the bay window. Those gaps occurred at either edge and not in the middle, so he was able to go to one gap and observe her beet red and bruised bottom being methodically spanked. And he went over to the other gap to get a better view of her beautiful crying face. He felt so sorry for her that it only increased the level of his crush.

Liking the way that viewing this made him feel, he began working on the question in his own mind that would haunt him for the rest of his life: “How do I get to spank a beautiful girl like that?”

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This entry was posted on 2013/10/16 by in corporal punishment, domestic_punishment, erotica, short_story, spanking.

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