There’s nothing like a great talk or discussion. And there’s nothing like spanking. Combine the two and that’s almost too good! That’s about the blog, although there’s a lot of my spanking-oriented fiction writing here.

About me…

I am an experienced spankophile and a learning dominant, husband and owner of Ren. I created, write for, produce, and host much of Quai Franklin Radio.

I’m a singer/songwriter and am using QFR as a publishing platform for my music as well as others’, in addition to other audio arts to be featured. Other than my arts (writing, music, and radio) I’m passionate about social justice and spiritual philosophy.

Contact me at quaifranklin@gmail.com or Twitter quaidisciplines .

3 thoughts on “About

    1. I am all for spanking, and paddling, and tawses. for all ages. I feel good after a spanking.

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