Story Workshop #1 – An Intriguing Experiment

And what I mean by “an intriguing experiment” is twofold. On the one hand there’s this bold experiment of writing a story in public view, so that you all can see my tries and failures and a good deal of the spanko-mind of Quai Franklin. That’s intriguing and not a little scary.

It’s also intriguing because I’m curious to see who might be interested in watching this unfold and perhaps what sort of learning or collaborations may develop from it. At the very least I know there will be learning on my part, whether I get responses or not.

My plan here is to, through blog posts, develop a spanking story using my own method, which I will discuss along the way. I’ll let you know what I’m thinking and the decision process I go through in order to develop a story and then post the result at that point to my new page – “Spanking Story Under Construction (Workshop #1)“.

I hope to get your opinions and questions, but I won’t promise to take all suggestions. I love collaborating, so I’m likely to consider your suggestions seriously, but in the end my name is going on it, so I’m responsible for it, good or bad.


Today I’ll start with the necessary and daunting task of choosing a plot. Because this is to be a spanking story, this places some limits on the process that are both comforting and challenging. It’s comforting to us as spankos that the story will contain spanking, but that also lends itself to a limited number of feasible scenarios. And that brings me to the first question I need to consider. The question I’m considering is whether to write an erotic-based spanking story or a purely discipline-based spanking story (and of course some kind of hybrid is not out of the question). How I get to that question from “limited number of feasible scenarios” is because I see the word “feasible” and immediately as an author I think that I want to rise to the challenge of stretching the boundaries of what is feasible in a spanking scenario, while at the same time keeping in mind that my favorite spanking stories are the ones where I don’t have to suspend too much disbelief in order to enjoy them. In other words, I want to read something that I can easily convince myself can actually happen.

As an experienced, “sophisticated” reader of spanking stories, one of the first things I try to establish in my mind as I settle into the story is whether or not I’m going to witness an erotic story that features spanking or a discipline / punishment story that features spanking. I know what you’re thinking. “What about D/s?” In a D/s relationship, spanking could be purely disciplinary or for punishment only. I, fairly or not, put those into the erotic category, as they allow for BDSM bondage gear or corporal punishment involving different areas of the body as the Dominant sees fit. I’m quite the traditionalist when it comes to discipline / punishment spankings in that I want them to only involve hurting the buttocks and any hint of sexual play or arousal forces those scenarios in my mind to the sexual side.

So how do I choose? (Other than flipping a coin…) I usually go to a kind of scenario I’ve been fantasizing about lately and build a plot around that scenario. Searching my mental database of recent spanko fantasies, the most recent I come up with is spanking a woman tied over a desk. Her hands are tied in front of her – wrist to wrist and elbow to elbow. And those ties are secured to the desk so that she is forced to bend over it. Her skirt is pulled up and draped over waist. Her pulled-down panties frame her buttocks, stopping near the top of the thigh. And I’m strapping her…

But why am I strapping her? Is this my desk at work or in my study at home? She’s wearing boots in my vision. Is that because she’s trendy or maybe a bit of a tom boy?

A flurry of questions like these appear in my curious mind and I start working out the basic plot by figuring out who these people are and how they arrived at this point.

I’m also considering my previous work, as I don’t want to be too self-derivative. Because I wrote a story involving office punishment over a desk, I’m going to say that this is a desk in my study at home. Having a study with a nice sturdy desk means I have some small degree of wealth. I feel like maybe I’m an attorney. So who is she? Is she a client that can’t pay her bill? Am I a dark force and this is witness intimidation? No, now I’ve got it. She’s my opposing counsel and I’m punishing her this way instead of reporting her to the Bar for violating a discovery rule.

Now my spanko sense is tingling. I don’t recognize this plot idea as one I’ve ever read about or seen in a film, so I feel it’s unique and believable. Right off hand I can imagine two attorneys agreeing to work things out this way, if she has her livelihood at stake and he likes her enough to help her prevent that from happening…  What were my other questions again…

“She’s wearing boots in my vision. Is that because she’s trendy or maybe a bit of a tom boy?” I think she’s a well-paid attorney who knows fashion. So there would be soft, well-toned flesh under that dress and those boots would likely be faux leather. I think she’s assertive, so when she cried out in pain, it would be with an angry grunt or a plaintive moan.

At this point I have enough elements to build a basic plot.

a. Our two characters are attorneys opposing one anther on a case

b. She gets caught violating a discovery rule, for which she can be disbarred. (Here I’ll make a note to myself to do a bit of research to be sure this rings true.)

c. He threatens to bring the matter to the Bar.

d. She asks if they can work something out. (Here I’ll note a question to myself about whether she directly suggests sexual favors. )

e. They agree that he will spank her. (Fill in details about their agreement, perhaps involving conversation.)

f. He spanks her.

e. … denouement

I’ve also got some descriptive passages that may be useful from above:

“spanking a woman tied over a desk. Her hands are tied in front of her – wrist to wrist and elbow to elbow. And those ties are secured to the desk so that she is forced to bend over it. Her skirt is pulled up and draped over waist. Her pulled-down panties frame her buttocks, stopping near the top of the thigh. And I’m strapping her…”

“desk in my study at home.”

“well-paid attorney who knows fashion. So there would be soft, well-toned flesh under that dress and those boots would likely be faux leather. I think she’s assertive, so when she cried out in pain, it would be with an angry grunt or a plaintive moan.”

I’m in a good position now. There’s a lot more raw material here to use to construct what I want – a fun to read, hot spanking story. And now that I know the elements, that takes some of the pressure off of having to come up with one of the two hardest things to come up with as a writer – a good beginning. (The other hardest thing in my opinion is a good ending.)

To that end, the next important thing to decide is do we begin with the spanking or build to it? Or start with the spanking as the overall story arc and fill in the lead up story in strategic places within that arc?

I’m leaning towards starting right at the action. I do like a good build up, but a couple of things are leaning me towards action in this case. One is that the plot is so simple that it lends itself to flashbacks during the main arc spanking action and any attempt to build it up would end up being longer that it was worth for me or the reader. Those who know the law would immediately see unrealistic elements and those of us who work in other fields wouldn’t care about the details related to working in the legal profession.

Another reason to go right to the action is that a phrase keeps inserting itself into my writer’s intuition: “Best spanking ever.” From a spanker’s point of view this scenario is pretty sweet. The spanking is justifiable, consented to to the extent that the spankee feels she’s getting off easier than she would otherwise, and arrangements are made which would likely include talk of implements and numbers and tying positions. All this is great stuff in my spanko mind.

Next time, I’ll dive into crafting that first sentence and paragraph.

Spanking Discussion Blog – 2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 38,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 9 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

“Spanking Elisha” – New Audio-Included Version

Download the audio here – quality level is only medium (using logitech headset and not my music studio).

Spanking Elisha


Elisha Cuthbert came to visit me last night… Nope not in reality, but in a dream. I suppose she visits many a wishful thinking hetero-oriented men. She is a wonderful example of that rare combination of extremely cute, beautiful, and sexy – three of my favorite aesthetic metrics for women. The most important metric for me is “spankability”. Chances are, if a woman has a combination of cuteness and sexiness, she’s likely to be quite spankable. But in my experience, spankability is it’s own aspect – mysterious and inexplicable. And for me, Elisha has it like crazy.

Besides that, based on her character on “Happy Endings”, she seems to have this very matter-of-fact/girl-next-door way about her that is amazingly attractive. To my twisted mind, she does seem like the type that would approach me as she did and reveal that she’s been curious about spanking for some time now.

I got up to answer the doorbell.

“Quai? Aren’t you Quai,” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, very surprised to see Elisha Cuthbert at my door. How did she know who I was and where I lived. Why me?

“I’m sorry to disturb you at home, but I found out from some mutual twitter friends that you were an admirer of mind and… well…” she continued.

“I am an admirer of yours. Come on in and make yourself comfortable,” I said.

I sat her down with me at the kitchen table. We had tea.

I asked her, “What was it some of our mutual twitter friends said about me?”

She swallowed hard, screwing up her courage for a moment. “I hear you’re really good at spanking.” It was almost a question. “And I’m curious about spanking.”

“Well thank you for the compliment,” I said “I suppose I have been known as someone knowing his way around a woman’s bottom.”

She smiled and blushed, her fair skin almost aglow with the promise of what her reddened bottom might look like.

“See,” she continued, “I’ve always wondered what a spanking felt like and some of my girlfriends are fond of it from their boyfriends. If you’re willing to help me, I’d like to find out what it’s like without having to get a boyfriend. If you know what I mean?”

“I do know what you mean, Elisha. I’m not in the market for a girlfriend either. I’m quite satisfied by my relationship with my wife and soulmate.”

She seemed visibly relieved. I smiled at her.

“The best way to learn is by doing, I think,” I said, beginning her lesson. “Stand up and come over to the couch with me.”

She followed me over to the living room couch. I sat down in the center of it.

“Lie down across my lap,” I told her. She started to have a bit of a giggle fit and felt somewhat embarrassed by this.

“It’s quite alright, Elisha. This is rather an awkward situation. Even when you’re used to it like I am, it’s usually a little awkward when you play with someone for the first time.

She nodded her understanding and then began lowering herself to the couch cushion next to me. She went down on her knees on the cushion, stopping to stare into my eyes for a moment as if to say, “I’m trusting you. Please don’t abuse that.”

I smiled back at her and said, “You can trust me. Besides not wanting to be a bad person, I do not want to be the one dumbass that ruined spanking for Elisha Cuthbert!”

She giggled more at this, but then continued going face down across my lap. Once she was lying there, I rubbed her back and bottom in a reassuring yet sensual way, After just patting her bottom some, I soon began to actually spank her hard enough for them to be considered spanks. She “ow’d” and yelped some as I increased the speed and intensity of the spanking. The cheeks of her face got flushed and she was breathing heavier. It appeared her already sensual lips became even more moist and full. I stopped and rubbed her bottom for a bit.

“Now I need to pull your pants down. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your panties on. I’ll understand if you do.” I said.

She thought for a moment and said, “for today’s lesson, I want to keep them on.”

I encircled her waist with my left arm, gently raising her body enough to unbutton her pants and pull them down. I caught a glimpse of her face as expressions of nervousness, curiosity, and desire all flashed through.

“Now,” I said spanking her sweet spot. “This is what we call the sweet spot. It is closest to what for most women is their most erogenous area. I’m going to spank there until I find your rhythm. Then the magic starts to happen.”

“Magic, huh…” she said, in a somewhat challenging tone. “Do your best!”

I began alternately spanking each cheek on the sweet spot after raising my right knee in such a way as to raise her hips with it. I varied the tempo of the spanks, going a little slower at times and a little faster at other times, until I found a tempo and a severity of spank to use that “hit” her just right. The spanks would find their target, she would moan and raise her head some in reaction. I had found her particular rhythm on that day.

I continued spanking her harder and harder, listening to her body, the almost involuntary rise and fall of her hips as her bottom instinctively attempted to avoid the pain and seek more spanks at the same time. Her moans became more intense, her lips parted even more, and her face was flushed in that beautiful way that a woman gets when approaching orgasm.

Then she climaxed, calling out “God! Oh god! What the fuck did you do!?”

I kept spanking and she kept coming for maybe another half a minute or so.

After this she sat up next to me on the couch, looking at me astonished at both me and her own reaction.

Then I woke up…

Sounding Out Loud @_Lunargirl_ @freestartammas @pandorablake

My new audio interface arrived today. According to my new really cool soul friend, Lunargirl, it’s going to work! I say “going to” because I have yet to fully test it. I had to go to Sam Ash music store to get some interconnection cables and adapters. I came back home, had dinner with Ren, and haven’t gone back to work with the setup.

It’s not that I’m not excited. But maybe I’m a little too excited. I keep thinking “I will be podcasting and webcasting soon” and it feels like home and it feels like embarking on a long voyage at the same time. ‘Home’ because it is my path. I really feel that in my heart. And ‘long voyage’ because I am a fairly shy person and the idea of just being myself and being “on the air” is really a stretch for me, to say the least. I am definitely challenging myself. The few “Friday Quai-day”s that I’ve done have both confirmed the fact that it’s a challenge as well as the fact that this is the kind of thing that I should be doing.

Things I love to do – singing, writing songs, writing fiction (especially spanking fiction), discussing intellectual and creative subjects… things like that. And I used to wonder how could I ever … or even could I ever… combine these things into a career. Running a broadcast ‘network’ with programming variety seems like the very thing, custom-designed for me. Besides, I will need help. And this feeds my need to work as part of a team.

I’ll want/need contributors, correspondents, discussion and interview participants, musicians/composers as well as other podcasters/webcasters. I can’t imagine a more (potentially) fun “team” to work with.

And the more I think about it, the more certain I am that this thing should be mostly listener supported. I don’t like the idea of loading up my site with noisy, indiscriminate ads. I do like the idea of being underwritten or in an affiliate program with ethical content producers (ethical, by my standard – it will be a benevolent dictatorship…). I do like the idea of listeners knowing my honest need for money to support this network and its… ahem… crew. And I like the idea that they can freely give or not give and still get the content. I will sell things for profit, but for those items, that will be clear up front.

I also have come to realize that I don’t want to restrict myself to the spanking/kink world. My recent visit with Ren to the Second Life Florida Sunshine Jam confirmed to me that I do need to be involved with the world of music in general. So I’ve decided that there will be general original music programming as well as music shows by and for kinksters.

Throw some philosophical and political commentary and you basically have more content than I have time to produce. So, again, I do want help.

Pandora, as any good friend would, asked some smart questions that prompted me to look into music licensing. So I did some preliminary research and found out some potentially good news. The licensing schemes that (I believe) I would qualify for with the big three music licensing agencies (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC), would cost around $300 each or probably under $1000 altogether per year. So this means I am not restricted for the most part in whose music I can feature. This is really good to know. Thanks again, Pandora.

Now I need to focus on contacting other audio content producers and artists like maymay (who produces “Kink Radio” I believe) and others who I’ll try to work out sharing agreements with. But absent that, or until that happens, it’s just me and the occasional Ren most likely.

Anyone want to collaborate? 🙂

Considering the Future

This past week has been quite an adventure.  I took vacation time from work and Ren and I went to Second Life Florida Sunshine Jam .  We decided to drive rather than fly to and from NC to FL for various reasons, but whether we flew or drove it was going to be arduous. For various other reasons we don’t travel that well and so we don’t travel often. By the end of Sunday night, the last night of the jam, it turned out to be well worth all the challenges (which I shall fill you in more later if you’re interested). We renewed old friendships and made new deep connections that are sure to become friends. It’s always fascinating and exciting to meet the real faces behind our avatars in Second Life. I think most of us look different than expected, but one always feels like “Oh yeah… that does make sense though.”

Aside from the great music I participated in with this group of incredibly talented musicians, I also solidified for myself, my vision of my artistic and career path. I am now more certain than ever, that I  want media, audio in particular, to be my mode of expression going forward. I want to focus more on podcasts and webcasts. For lack of a better way to describe it, I want to be the “NPR or the spanking/kink world” and bring you interviews, discussions, news, commentary, original music, and audio content from other providers/producers. I will still continue to write and post spanking fiction as well. (In fact, I’m considering creating audio versions of the stories.) In any case, I plan to post text versions of many of the main podcasts. I realize there are times when text is more convenient as well as times when audio would be more convenient.

In preparation for moving my artistic career down this path, I’m working on setting up a Skype account under the name “Quai Franklin”. And that leads me into still more deep territory. Adding the name “Franklin” is my way of incorporating my vanilla-world self. ‘Franklin’ is my actual first name. The reason I decided on this new name is because I am merging my vanilla world and my kink world to a great degree. I realized that I also want to provide “interviews, discussions, news, commentary, and original music” in the vanilla world as well. (Striking news, of course. I don’t have that kind of time or that many resources and the scope is way too wide). I do already have two vanilla-world musicians who have agreed to interviews.

So my question becomes, do I need to introduce them to the blog I write or their possible kinky audience? Why would it matter? We’d be there to talk about them and their music and their plans. The common denominator is simply Quai. The people I interview, the discussions I host, the commentary, etc… It’s all just my taste – the things I happen to be interested in.  So the obvious answer, to me, is to establish other blogs that focus on my other areas of interest and to eventually link to them all from a “Quai Franklin” portal website. And I do want them to be under the same umbrella, because, frankly, I want to live my life as honestly as possible. As odd a person as I am, there are bound to be others who appreciate (more or less) my aesthetic and what it is I’m trying to do here. And as Martha Graham would say, “It is not [my] business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions.” And also true, “It is [my] business to keep it [mine] clearly and directly, to keep the channel open“.

This time I’m going to take this wise advice and just do that which interests and excites me – from my ‘channel’. I’m going to produce just the kind of content I like and see what happens.

Now, onto the business of how to make it “work”…

I want to work with you as much (as it can be mutually arranged and be mutually beneficial) in terms of doing interviews, participating in discussions, being a correspondents for news stories, co-authoring, c0-producing, etc. I really want this to be collaborative and fun as much as the hard work it surely will be.

As far as revenue, I’ve decided to take the public radio approach and depend on donations and advertising and possible underwriting by those whom I consider to be “ethical producers” (by my own standard). “Dreams of Spanking” is an excellent example of just such an ethical producer. Pandora Blake and her partners are producing “Fairtrade Spanking” with an emphasis on consent, and gender equality.

In practical terms, this week I’m testing the ways Skype can be utilized and recorded for interviews and discussions, as well as correspondent input. I’m establishing a new account with the name “Quai Franklin” and it will have an “online number” to allow call ins from regular phones. I want to test it out so I’m looking for volunteers to call in and discuss things and help me test the process and get the bugs worked out.

Please send me “show” ideas and topics you’d like to see discussed and people you’d like to see interviewed. What would you like a music program to be like? I get so excited just thinking about the possibilities. How about you?

So tonight as my achy body recovers and I take the last few days of my vacation, I’m in a happy place and feeling like I’m finally doing what I love and just need to work out the small detail of how to make a living from it.

Stay tuned…