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The Headmaster – Chapter 2

Sandra Matthews’ over the knee spanking began at 8:00pm, coinciding with the start of her parents’ favorite sitcom – “How I Married Your Mother”. She started out laying across her … Continue reading

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The Headmaster – Chapter 1

Brigitte Durning almost clipped her FBI badge onto her belt as she would normally have done on any other work day. However, this day she was to start as new … Continue reading

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On the air with a Poly Weekly Podcast Episode

Originally posted on Quai Franklin Radio:
    PW 366: Poly in small town America on now. Coming up at 1:00pm SLT  (Second Life Time), 8:00pm GMT, PW 367: A…

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Sending a Message

Granny sat in her basement rocking chair, sipping from a glass of iced tea as she watched Jethro taking his turn at learning how to properly switch a girl. Earlier … Continue reading

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Interrogation Spanking

“Both of you will be whipped this way until you answer the question,” Imperial Agent Gartner said cooly, almost bored. He walked around behind Agent Melissa Werner who was bending … Continue reading

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Tweeting My Mouth Off…